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04.09.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

Community marketing in fashion business

September 11 in Moscow and September 12 in St. Petersburgwill host Fashion Talk «Community marketing in fashion» from one of the most famous Italian universities of fashion and design–Polimoda.



The speakers of the event will be:  


  • Eva Zimmerman Marketing consultant for Belgian and Italian brands, teacher of commercial development and fashion-marketing programs at Polimoda;
  • Olga Kurochkina – graduate and regional representative of the university Polimoda.


Today, fashion brands build relationships with consumers based on shared values and interests. This approach involves building a dialogue on an equal footing between the brand and the consumer community, also known as the community.


From the lecture Eva Zimmerman you will learn about how brands such as Gucci, Vetements, Dior, Stella McCartney and others use community marketing and why this approach is the most effective in the fashion business today.


September 11 at 19:00
Loft Photo Factory, 7/8 Maroseyka str., 2nd floor.


Detailed information and registration here


Saint Petersburg

September 12 at 19:00

Artist's Shop, QI Nevsky 8


Detailed information and registration here


Photo:Polimoda, social networks