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19.07.2019 | Анна Консон

The new season of Gallery will bring together the fashion business

From July 20−22 at Dyuseldorf will host the International Fashion Exhibition Gallery Fashion Juli 2019, organized by Igedo.About 800 brands from more than 20 countries will be represented at the exhibition.


The exhibition, which is held twice a year, is the only event in Europe where the range of festive and evening clothes is presented on such a large scale.In addition, at the Böhler site, where the Gallery takes place, other segments of the fashion business are also presented at the same time - premium brands; modern, design and avant-garde; accessories and shoes.The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends in these segments and a wonderful chance for buyers to replenish their assortment.



This season, the Accessories and Shoes section will be significantly expanded. The main hall will be divided into two separate zones: 1/3 of the hall will become a space for the exhibition of accessories and shoes from the Premium, Urban and Contemporary segments.The remaining 2/3 of the hall are reserved for fashion with an emphasis on design, avant-garde and evening.


The Gallery is becoming more and more important as an early order in Dusseldorf for accessories and shoes. The representation of both groups of products at the upcoming July 2019 event will grow by 35%, in terms of space, and the growth of exhibitors will be 27%. 

Ulrike Koehler, Managing Director of IGEDO, Head of the Gallery and Gallery Shoes project.


Within the framework of the exhibition, a presentation will be held telling about the problems facing the fashion retail trade.


The presentation will be held in the format of a dialogue, where anyone can ask a question or participate in a discussion.


The exhibition will be held from July 20−22 in Dyuseldorf.


Photo: Gallery