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29.03.2017 | Степан Максимов

Branding: instructions for use

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And what about Russia? Everything is not so clear here yet. Moscow continues to remain one of the leading cities in terms of the presence of luxury brands, retaining an honorable seventh place in the ranking of the world's leading shopping capitals.And at the same time, the Russian consumer is increasingly looking towards Russian brands, both in the designer clothing segment and in the middle price segment. It is still difficult to talk about the Russian mass market for certain reasons: firstly, Asian production sites are still confidently leading in terms of production prices, and production in Russia is just beginning to develop.


The statements of major foreign players about the transfer of production to Russia should still stand the test of time. But an important turning point for the Russian industry has already occurred. According to the statement of the Ministry of Industry and Trade at a round table dedicated to the development of the children's goods industry, which took place at Moscow Fashion Week last fall, more than 70% of consumers already prefer domestic children's clothing, while the price factor is in second or third place. In the segment of men's and women's clothing, more and more consumers are also choosing Russian products. At the same time, it is important for the buyer not only to have the inscription "Made in Russia" on the label, but also the history that is associated with the brand. And here all the factors that we talked about above are already included: the history of the brand, its heritage, convenience of choice, as well as the level of service and quality.


The modern consumer lives in the world of More-Faster-Now (more-faster-now) and is really guided by the formula "here and now", therefore, all kinds of services for the delivery of goods the next day, interactive storefronts and online shopping for him has long been not a whim, but a lifestyle. It remains only to calculate the percentage of Russian companies that think in the same categories. Alas or fortunately, but here we still have a huge reserve for growth.


Karimova Irina