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18.10.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

Brand collaborations with artists

The British Higher School of Design will host a series of open lectures for artists and designers «Arts & Brands: How to make friends with artists and brands. The author of the cycleAnastasia Yelaeva – strategic consultant and head of creative partnerships at the international PR agency Grayling. Lectures will be useful, among other things, to representatives of brands interested in making creative projects more effective. Each event will be attended by a special guest who will share his experience of participating in partner initiatives.



Projects that unite brands and artists have become firmly embedded in modern realities. However, there is not much practical information on how to make such partnerships effective and what mistakes can be avoided. The new cycle from Grayling and the British Higher School of Design is designed to discuss the secrets of building creative alliances, consider the best examples and understand the main trends. Each meeting is dedicated to a separate area of cooperation between brands and artists - art collaborations, support programs (awards, art residencies), as well as projects in which the role of creative talents in the activities of companies reaches a new level.


The peculiarity of the lectures is a combination of theory and practical information from artists and representatives of companies. Guest lecturers include artists Max Goshko-Dankov and Artem Filatov, as well as the head of the Cultural projects Department of BMW Thomas Girst.



The cycle is based on an international study Anastasia Yelayeva « Brands and Art: how to make a creative partnership effective. Trends, best practices and ideas for successful cooperation" (April 2017).


The following issues will be considered during the lectures:


  • What factors do brands take into account when choosing an artist for their projects?
  • Which companies are interested in collaborating with artists?
  • How can an artist understand the brand's priorities and help him achieve business goals?
  • How to maintain a balance between commercial and creative?
  • Which companies implement artist support programs?
  • Can an artist play a more significant role in the life of a brand? And how will these partnerships change in the future?

Admission to the lectures is free.


Detailed information and schedule on the website British Higher School of Design


Photo: British Higher School of Design