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15.12.2017 | Степан Максимов

Billionaire boutique opened in Moscow

Luxury men's clothing brand Billionaire is opening a new 154-square-meter boutique on the ground floor of the shopping center Crocus City Mall.


The boutique space is divided into three zones: accessories are presented in the first, the main collection and the Junior line are in the second, and the VIP room is located in the third.


The concept of the boutique Billionaire guesses the interior of the mansions of financial magnates of the early XX century: a luxurious combination of black and gold shades is used in the walls, the floor is made in Bordeaux color, the decorations are made of Levanto marble, polished brass and mahogany wood. Large coins with the image of a lion, the symbol of the brand, decorate lamps, carpets, walls and door handles.



The Billionaire Junior zone stands out for its design: light tones and gold details in the reduced version create a bright contrast with the dark color scheme of the rest of the space.


The Golden Gate separates the showcase area from the hall where the collection is presented and the VIP rooms, and an impressive lion statue greets customers at the entrance.