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23.12.2016 | Елена Смирнова

Plein Sport boutique opening in Paris

In December 2016, a new Plein Sport boutique opened in Paris. The shop windows located on Rue de Rivoli overlook the famous Tuileries Garden. A fashionable space is like a chic gym. The atmosphere fully reflects the brand's concept, which is based on strength and endurance. This is one of the first single-brand Plein Sport stores in the world.



The design of the store was developed by the famous Italian architectural studio CLS. The interior features neon lamps, a cybermanequin on a treadmill, an LED display broadcasting sports videos and motivational inscriptions on the walls: "Train like a fighter" and "House of Strength". A punching bag, barbells and bench presses harmoniously fit into the fashionable space. Shoes became a key element of the design: some models seem to float in the air. On the basketball court inside the boutique, you can try on your favorite pair.