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27.07.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

The second collection for parties s.Oliver Black Label Men

In the spring of 2019, s.Oliver Black Label Men will again offer a number of stylish looks for the prom or parties of the new season, and they will be released as part of the new collection 'DOn't quIT». Continuing its last year's initiative, which has now turned into a separate fashion line, s.Oliver Black Label focuses all attention on individual items of the festive wardrobe, which can be effortlessly combined with each other, creating outfits with stylish accents. From the point of view of color, this can be achieved through a combination of black and dark blue, against which the brightness of the "royal blue" is striking. The collection will go on sale at the end of March.



All the wardrobe items included in the new collection were created primarily for the exit, for parties, but at the same time they can be effortlessly combined with other things in everyday life. Benjamin Isenheim, head of the brand s.Oliver Black Label Men under the leadership of the new director of production Kristina Szasz, explains in more detail: The youngest of our target audience needs images in which you can go to a party or even graduation, and then use it again at work events, at a wedding, at meetings with friends. It does not seem to young people that a well-tailored strict suit restricts or constrains them in some way; in their understanding, such clothes are just part of a modern wardrobe, which is characterized by flexibility and allows them to feel comfortable in any situation.



Five images – five types


The presented images are the embodiment of well-known types with which young people can easily associate themselves. They wittily play up the motives that have become fashionable cliches. That's why they are so in tune with the brand's motto for the spring season: "Dress only with a sense of humor."




Image 1. The guys on the boards need a loose suit in which they could even perform a kickflip, so the choice of skateboards is a comfortable blue jogg suit striped with soft fabric in a sporty style. A brighter blue T-shirt with a "talking" print will give the image even more relaxation.


Image 2. Natural leaders are well acquainted with fashion trends and take on the creation of a festive costume themselves. They make it up on the basis of a black bomber jacket and trousers, and complement it with a shirt with a solid "pixel" print all over the surface.


Image 3. Athletes prefer casual looks with trousers that are decorated with stripes, – it reminds them of the usual training form. As a combination to them, they pick up a striped shirt. The result is an image that is as good as it is simple.



Image 4. It is easy for an intellectual to experiment with fashionable cliches. He wears classic trousers with arrows with a stylish shirt, turning up short sleeves. Accessories at the same time are a butterfly in the color "royal blue" and suspenders.


Image 5. Young people, about whom they say "exemplary" and "exemplary", do not need much to look presentable: a black suit will be enough, under which a T-shirt or a shirt with a print that looks convincing and gives the impression of thoughtful styling.

Prices for items from the collection range from 1 500 rubles for a printed top to 17 000 rubles for a full-fledged suit. The cost of a bomber is 7 400 rubles, a jacket from a set in a sporty style is 11 800 rubles. All items from the collection will be complemented with key rings in the color "royal blue" or an icon with the inscription "strong>"DOn't quIT". A free accessory to short-sleeve shirts is a black bow tie.

Photo: s.Oliver Black Label Men