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08.10.2018 | Альбина Весина

The Ministry of Natural Resources is going to index environmental fees

According to TASS, the Ministry of Natural Resources has proposed to increase the rates of environmental collection from 2019. We are talking about the indexation of the collection rates according to the inflation rate for 2017 and 2019. The environmental fee is paid by manufacturers and importers of certain goods that do not provide independent disposal of waste from their use. The number of goods that the environmental fee concerns includes «finished textile products (except clothing)», including blankets, blankets, linens and pillows. As a result of the increase in the fee, these goods are likely to increase in price, since manufacturers include the cost of paying fees in the cost of the goods.




The regulatory act of the ministry, published on the portal of draft Government regulations, states that the expected revenue receipts to the federal budget (if manufacturers, importers of goods prefer to pay an environmental fee for the disposal of waste from the use of goods) will be estimated at: in 2019up to 13.6 billion rubles, in 2020 up to 20 billion rubles.


Earlier in August, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation announced that by 2024 it intends to collect 15 billion rubles at the expense of environmental fees.


Source: TASS

Photo: shutterstock