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31.05.2017 | Наталья Кулагина

Green Week 2017: Implementation of LVMH environmental policy

For the seventh year, LVMH Group of Companies has been participating in the annual conference on European environmental policy "Green Week", organized by the European Commission. This year's event runs from May 29 to June 2. The topic under discussion was workplaces for improving the ecology of the environment. LVMH Group of Companies presents to the participants initiatives aimed at involving the group's employees in the process of protecting the ecology of the planet. And a key role in this process is assigned to special environmental managers.


In order to effectively implement its environmental policy, LVMH Group has created an environmental division, which has been working closely with the Fashion Houses that are part of the group for 20 years. The division consists of the Department of Environmental Protection and a network of managers covering all LVMH enterprises. These are more than 60 people of various professions, from land management engineers and financial managers to public relations specialists and packaging masters. All that unites them is their extensive experience in solving environmental problems and the desire to promote the goals of the LIFE* program, which proclaims LVMH's environmental responsibility.





"Today, most sectors of our business take into account the main environmental problems in their activities," says Sylvie Benard, Director of Environmental Protection at LVMH.


Environmental managers are responsible for ensuring that the protection of natural resources becomes an integral part of the strategy of all industries. They promote and implement the LIFE program in every department at all enterprises of the Houses belonging to the LVMH group.


In order to share best practices, get information from international experts and discuss LIFE's tasks, the Department of Environmental Protection organizes regular meetings of its network, strengthens cohesion and increases collective efficiency.




"The LIFE program allows us to systematize our initiatives and focus them on common priorities and goals to improve the effectiveness of environmental protection measures. It creates a new foundation and a new starting point for the development of the creative potential of our Homes and strengthening ties in solving the main environmental challenges facing the LVMH Group.

Antonio Belloni, Executive Director of LVMH Group


*For more than 20 years, LVMH Group has been taking a special responsibility to reduce the impact of its activities on the state of the planet's biological diversity, making long-term investments in the protection and preservation of this priceless heritage. LVMH Group companies are fully aware of the importance of this issue and are taking a number of specific actions, such as the development of ethnobotany, responsible winemaking and ecodesign, the development of sustainable supply, as well as implementing programs to protect endangered species and restore fragile ecosystems.


The products produced by the Group's Houses are made from natural, often rare and unique materials. The design and production of luxury products are based not only on innovation, creativity and impeccable execution, but also on environmental responsibility.


The LIFE program, developed in 2012, aims to more actively introduce environmental responsibility into the management process and to integrate new methods and improvements originating in the innovative activities of LVMH Houses. The program, based on nine key elements of effective environmental protection, is implemented by the executive committee of each individual House. The houses define an action plan, giving priority to strategic goals and indicators that allow determining the results achieved. Since June 2014, the LIFE program has been an integral part of every Home's development plan.