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18.03.2019 | Лидия Соколова

The Ministry of Industry and Trade discussed the standard for microfiber insulation

In the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation a meeting was held to discuss the standards of nonwovens with the use of microfibre. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Thermopol plant.


As a result of a heated discussion, there was no consensus formulated. However, everyone considered it a constructive sign that in just a few months of discussion, the Draft Industry Standard has already been significantly changed, obvious contradictions and controversial formulations have been eliminated. But the main questions still remain open: is there a need for another standard indicating microfibre for insulation, how to classify the microfibre itself if there are no standards for it, is it necessary to determine the composition of fibers at all, or is it more expedient to take as a basis the properties and qualities of the fiber mixture, as proposed by most experts and how it is done abroad and what it is recognized as more progressive.


standard for microfiber insulation


It is thanks to the Ministry of Industry and Trade that a competent and correct methodology for preparing and discussing industry documentation is being formed, which is designed to make products manufactured in the Russian Federation better.

Vladislav Ivanov, PhD, representative of the Holofiber brand


Since specialists and manufacturers adhere to different approaches and views, the regulator in the controversial issue of non-woven microfibre insulation became the Ministry of Industry and Trade, who took the logical initiative to further move the discussion to the relevant specialized technical committee (TC 442).


standard for microfiber insulation


The participants presented different opinions. General Director of "Thermopol" Viktor Gontar unequivocally considers the proposed GOST itself redundant: "It makes no sense to produce standards focused on the methods of 80-90 and generally do not lead to an improvement in the consumer properties of the final products." Speaking on behalf of the President of "Soyuzlegprom" Andrey Razbrodin, Vice-President of "Soyuzlegprom" Evgeny KotovChairman of the Board of Directors of LLC "Factory of nonwovens"The whole world"" believes: "It is necessary to develop the topic of standardization, but at the same time simplify the relationship between the client and the customer." Vladimir Kotov, President of ASIZ asked in perplexity: "Why are we here at all and discussing only one project?! Are we really going to discuss 5,000 others in the same way?! The discussion of GOST has led to the fact that it has gone beyond the TC and today we are wasting time in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Elvira Zhukova from LLC "Technoavia" noted that it is impossible to work with the proposed document. Alexander Dorosevich from LLC "ETC-M" noticed:"The properties of nonwovens are important to the consumer, not their composition." The technical director of the plant "Thermopol" Sergey Makhov criticized the violation of the procedure for discussing documentation. Representatives of the company "Energy Contract" confirmed that even they, as members of the technical committee, were not sent the relevant documents on the draft standard for review.

The head of the company "Bask", Vladimir Bogdanov, on the contrary, believes that he needs a standard, because "if there is a material on the market, then it should be classified", and cited as an argument a sample of a product using non-woven microfiber insulation. However, the sample was severely deformed with minor exposure and revealed migration. "And what will happen to him when washing, and what will happen to him in overalls?!"raquo;, – a question sounded from the audience.

Sergey Golubkov, General Director of the "Nonwovens Factory"The whole world" said that microfiber insulation is several times cheaper than alternative ones and is manufactured at high speeds. "There are a lot of questions. But we are sure that it is in this way and in a thorny way that the character of true innovation is developed, when everything technologically controversial and unfinished is swept away and a truly high-quality export-oriented and competitive Russian product appears. There is a lot of work ahead!» - commented Vladislav Ivanov. 


standard for microfiber insulation


The participants of the discussion were invited to the company «Norilsk Nickel» for testing and analysis of insulated products, in which domestic nonwovens with microfibre began to be used. "Our people are freezing, although there have never been such questions before! You should have seen what clothes are turning into – there are a lot of comments on it now!!!" - reported Albina Tomayeva, manager of the company.


Lyudmila Kirillova from the Central Research Institute of SHP confirmed that 12 official objections have come to the project and it is currently removed from the category of "workwear", and work is underway so far only on the 1st edition.


As a result, once again the proposed project has not been accepted by the industry community. The developer of the document – the Central Research Institute of the Garment Industry, in coordination with the customer of the research – company «The whole world » will re-work and correct it. It was decided to submit the final protocols and test methods for discussion and analysis to industry specialists in April.


The approach of issuing "paid GOST standards" is acceptable in principle, but causes a lot of contradictions, because it reflects the standardization initiatives of one of the parties, which may conflict with the basic principles of standardization: the development of scientific and technological progress and non-infringement of the rights of market players.


The participants of the meeting expressed gratitude to the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Irina Ivanova, who became the moderator of the industry meeting and correctly united the bearers of diametrically opposed opinions. In the discussion, representatives of the company «Energy Contract», «Thermopol», «Technoavia», «Norilsk Nickel», «Bask», hetta, «The whole world» expressed their opinions, «Sivera», industry association Soyuzlegprom, Association PPE, TSNIISHP, INCTPL, Kosygin Russian State University (Design and Technology) and others. Following the discussion, the participants will send proposals to a resolution designed to lead to a competent and civilized technological solution to the issue, which is still not simple and controversial.


Photo: Group of companies "Thermopol"