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04.05.2017 | Лидия Соколова

The industry award "Golden Spindle" begins accepting applications

In accordance with the Regulations on the National Industry Award «Golden Spindle» the acceptance of documents for the title of Laureate of the 2017 Prize is open.


National Industry Award «Golden Spindle» – the main award in the domestic light industry, a sign of recognition, which over the years of its existence has become a respected and coveted award. It was established: The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the National Academy of Fashion Industry (NAIM) and the Russian Union of Textile and Light Industry Entrepreneurs (Soyuzlegprom).



The Organizing Committee of the award accepts applications with information about a possible candidate for the title of laureate from NAIM academicians, heads of industry unions and professional associations, heads of departments and departments of administrations of territories, regions and cities of the Russian Federation, expert and analytical agencies, editorial offices of industry publications, organizers of specialized exhibitions and competitions, heads of textile, sewing, shoe (etc.) enterprises.


Main award nominations:

"Working specialties in the fashion industry"

"Fashion design and production"


•«Industrial collection»

•«Creative collection»

•«Children's collection»

•«School uniform»

• «Textile company»

• «Knitwear»

• «Home textiles»

•«Clothing for home, sports and recreation»

• «Corporate clothing»

• «Hats»

•«Fur and leather»

•«Shoe collection»

• «Underwear»

• «Accessories»



«Promotion of the business concept in Russia»


•«Russian brand»

•«International brand»

•«Fashion project»


«Organization of branded trade»


• «Boutique»

•«Shopping center»




• «Edition»

•«Journalist, editor, publisher»

•«Reportage photo»


"The art of costume in cinema"

"The art of costume in the theater"


According to the decision of the NAIM academicians, the National Industry Award "Golden Spindle" can be awarded in other nominations.


The portfolio and accompanying recommendation documents of the nominees are accepted for consideration.
The general meeting of the Expert Council at which the winners of the Golden Spindle-2017 Award will be selected by an open vote will be held in October 2017.


The XV Ceremony of awarding the National Award "Golden Spindle-2017"will take place in March 2018 in Moscow as part of the "Russian Textile and Light Industry Week"


We are waiting for your suggestions and recommendations on nominating nominees