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18.09.2017 | Степан Максимов

The director of "Unichel" was awarded by the President

General Director of JSC "Yunichel Shoe Company",Vladimir Denisenko, awarded the medal of the Order of «For services to the Fatherland» II degree. The corresponding Decree of the President of the Russian Federation was signed on September 10.


As noted in the document, the award was awarded for labor achievements, active public activity and many years of conscientious work.


The entire work biography Vladimir Stepanovich Denisenko is associated with the light industry. After graduating from the Novosibirsk Institute of Light Industry, he got a job as a chief mechanic at the Kyshtym shoe factory. A few years later he was appointed director of the Trinity Shoe Factory. In 1984, he became the chief engineer of the Chelyabinsk Shoe Factory. In the late 80s and early 90s, he led a group of specialists of the USSR State Committee of the Light Industry in Vietnam, in the city of Hanoi.Soviet specialists taught Vietnamese how to sew shoes.



In 1998, by the decision of the Board of Shareholders, Vladimir Stepanovich was elected CEO of the shoe company "Unichel". Under his leadership, the company began the revival of production and stable economic growth.


The experience and knowledge gained on a business trip abroad allowed us to correctly assess the situation on the market, choose the right way to overcome the crisis and build an enterprise development strategy implemented in a fundamentally new business model for Russia. Under the leadership of Vladimir Denisenko, the firm "Unichel" managed to establish the production of high-quality and affordable shoes.


Today, shoes under the brand"strong" are sold in 536 branded stores in more than 200 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. The enterprises in Chelyabinsk, Zlatoust and Orenburg employ 2,500 people.