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31.05.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

The 27th season of Milano Unica

On July 10–12, the 27th season of one of the largest international textile exhibitions Milano Unica will be held in the space Rho Fiera Milano. This is a significant event for industry players, because it is here that trends for the coming year are emerging and important business ties are being established.



A visit to Milano Unica gives you the opportunity to get in direct contact with manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality textiles and accessories. The entire range of fabrics is presented here, from prestigious materials for men's clothing and fabrics for exclusive women's collections to avant-garde textiles and accessories. From this variety, you can choose the products necessary to create a complete collection.



The geography of the exhibition is extensive: manufacturers from all over the world come here, from Spain to Japan, and each country specializes in something different. This gives the most complete picture of the changes that are taking place in the textile world.



The 26th season of Milano Unica showed an increase in exhibitors by 14% compared to February 2017. About 6,000 companies took part in the exhibition.In particular, the share of foreign companies increased by 10%.The number of visitors increased by 17%, reflecting the fact that companies are investing in Milano Unica by sending more visitors.The international composition of the components has also undergone minor changes. The participation of companies from Hong Kong (+70%), the Russian Federation (+54.5%), Germany (+50)%), the USA (19.7%), China (+19.6%), France (+15%), Turkey (+12%) increased, while the presence of companies in the UK, it decreased slightly (–5%) and Japan (–6%). In the 27th season, even higher figures are expected.



Three main themes will define the 27th season of Milano Unica: sustainable development with a special platform dedicated to the most significant events in ecological, conscious production; the influence of national trends; a journey through the style and traditions of oriental fashion (Korea and Japan).



Participation in theMilano Unicameans establishing contacts with the world of elite fashion and receiving the most up-to-date industry news.


Learn more about the exhibition here

Photo: Milano Unica