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26.10.2016 | Лидия Соколова

The 23rd season of Milano Unica: a new beginning

If we follow folk signs, we can say that the 23rd season of the exhibition of Italian textiles and accessories Milano Unica and the Trade Show "New beginning" began "with the right foot". Representatives of more than 6000 companies attended the event at the Fieramilano exhibition Center in Milan.


The exhibition showed results close to the September exhibition of last year, but a qualitative leap in the professional affiliation of the audience was recorded. This was achieved thanks to stricter criteria for the selection of invitees. As a result, representatives of well-known foreign companies attended the exhibition: USA, China, Great Britain, Japan, Russia and Korea.

"We were very worried about how the new approach to audience formation and the change of the exhibition pavilion would affect the exhibition," Ercole Botto Poala, president of Milano Unica, told a press conference. But at the end of the exhibition it became clear that the decision was correct. All the exhibitors and visitors were satisfied. The atmosphere has become more working, the quality of the guests has changed. We plan to apply the same selective approach to audience formation at the 10th season of Milano Unica China and the 24th season of Milano Unica, scheduled for February 1– 3, 2017 at Fiera Milano Rho».

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the ICE Agency traditionally provided great support to the Milano Unica in September. In total, a total of 442 exhibitors presented their products at the event this season, of which 139 were foreign: 79 European companies, as well as other first-class brands and factories that took part in national expositions, 39 from Japan and 21 from Korea.


The time for promises has passed. Now, for successful cooperation, everyone needs not words, but clear actions. Not abstract tips for achieving success, but only those that can be used in practice. Cooperation of various branches of the fashion industry is necessary for successful development. And the success of the Milano Unica exhibition was greatly facilitated by the fact that its opening coincided with the last day of the MICAM and Mipel exhibitions, as well as with the simultaneous holding of the Origin Passion and Beliefs exhibition ("The Origin of Passions and Beliefs"), dedicated to traditional Italian handicrafts, which was organized by the Fiera Vicenza exhibition company.


The opening ceremony of Milano Unica was attended by Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica; Ivan Scalfarotto, Deputy Secretary for Economic Development; Cristina Tajani, Fashion Adviser in the Municipality of Milan, Claudio Marenzi, President of Sistema Moda Italia, and other officials.

"We created Milano Unica as a starting point for various cultural initiatives expressing the true essence of the concept of made in Italy. And it was appreciated by our regular visitors and exhibitors. The exclusive presentation of mood stands, developed with the participation of famous designers, helps to emphasize that success in fashion comes through emotions and very much depends on quality and innovative technologies in the production of fabrics and accessories. Contributes to a better penetration into this atmosphere and our wonderful On Air – events dedicated to the tastes and cultural traditions of the Puglia region. This initiative has shown incredible success. For this, we should thank our partners who managed to recreate the true spirit of the region," addressed the audience at the opening of Ercole Botto Poala, "We as entrepreneurs must take the necessary risks in our rapidly changing world. It is necessary to explore new ways and innovative ways, but we must do it all together, as a whole, with combined forces and knowledge, forgetting about belonging to a certain territory or a closed segment. Only in this case we will be able to use all the opportunities for transformation, which will give a chance for the development of the industry as a whole. And I am sure that we must improve this spirit of cooperation every day, from season to season."

Massimo Mosiello, CEO of Milano Unica since its foundation, supported his colleague: "We will summarize the results of the past season. We will thoroughly study the data collected during the days of the exhibition, taking into account all organizational aspects as well. We have gained invaluable experience and have only benefited from the new location and revision of our offer to the market. The change of the pavilion helped us to apply modern and complex organizational innovations, including changing the design and structure of the exhibition, which became possible thanks to close cooperation with our regular participants, suppliers and, in particular, with Fiera Milano and Nolostand.

Traditionally, Milano Unica, the life-giving source of modern trends, suggests the most unexpected ideas for creativity and development of the fashion industry. This season was no exception. And thanks to the innovations of the organizers, the communication of professionals has become more productive. This inspires confidence that the next season of Milano Unica will be no less useful and interesting both for the largest players in the global fashion market and for carriers of national traditions from different countries who strive to get closer to the high-quality reputation that products made in Italy carry.

Author: Svetlana Soboleva