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14.06.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

Milano Unica News

The next season of Milano Unica is just around the corner. The largest textile exhibition will be held for three days, from July 10 to July 12, 2018 in the international fashion capital Milan. We have already published the announcement of this events. But the closer the opening, the more news comes.


The first textile exhibition MilanoUnica was held in 2005 and has been held twice a year since then. MilanoUnica This is the largest international textile industry exhibition in Italy. It presents a wide range of high-quality products from both Italian and European textile manufacturers. The upcoming 27th season of MilanoUnica will highlight the latest innovations in the textile industry in the context of global and topical topics.



The search for innovative solutions to reduce the environmental and social impact on products and production processes by increasing sustainability is the path that leading textile enterprises should steadily adhere to.


Now the requirement of sustainability complements those traditional factors that determine both the quality of fabrics or accessories and the reputation of the company producing them. The market for fabrics and accessories is developing rapidly, and the growing focus on sustainable development is creating new opportunities for businesses operating in this sector.



Milano Unica took on the task of exploring innovation, quality and a new vision of the future through the prism of sustainable development in the section Trends, which attracted considerable interest last season, collecting about 50-10 entrepreneurs who presented more than 250 samples of textiles or accessories made using sustainable materials and production processes.


This season, the section will present the proposals of leading entrepreneurs who meet the requirements of market standards regarding the sustainable characteristics of the product. Textiles and accessories presented in the field of sustainability are classified based on categories that reflect the main segments of sustainable innovation. In addition, this season the Sustainability Area table provides visitors with access to more detailed information about samples via their smartphones and tablets.



The section "Trends" Milano Unica is the pulsating heart of the exhibition, a place where exhibitors present their vision of modern fashionable fabrics and accessories.


In the upcoming autumn/Winter 2019–20 season, the theme «National Traditions» embodies a combination of values associated with traditions, craftsmanship and innovation that connect the present and the past of different cultures and countries participating in the project.



The direction ofOrganic Grunge, with a strong ecological emphasis, woven with folk aesthetics, includes the countries of Scotland, Turkey and Romania. The direction ofHandticed Essentialism combines minimalism with strict aesthetics thanks to inspirations received from Switzerland, Sweden and South Korea. Finally, Techno Romantic unites artistic and experimental ideas generated by the traditions of Belgium, Azerbaijan and Indonesia.


Photo: Milano Unica