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28.04.2017 | Степан Максимов

Summer knitwear Free Age Fashion

St. Petersburg brand of knitted knitwear Free Age Fashion presents a summer collection made of pure cotton.


In this collection, the designers of Free Age Fashion wanted to convey in different ways the contrast of light and shadow on the summer streets of the city, which we observe in the rays of the sun falling on the planes of buildings. To do this, the creators of the collection used blocks of openwork and transparent textures, in which the transformed brand logo in the form of a wolf is encrypted, as well as a pattern in the form of stripes.



The idea of the play of light and shadow is also supported by the contrast of white with gray - the main colors of the collection. However, unlike the nondescript winter gray, this collection uses a bluish shade of gray, in which the stormy summer sky is painted.Knitwear Free Age Fashion is perfect for both living in an urban environment and on vacation.



The collection includes women's and men's capsules. The silhouettes of the models are straight, slightly loose, with a lowered shoulder line. Dresses and skirts in the women's collection are elongated (below the knee, with functional slits). The men's capsule consists of knitted T-shirts, including printed on textured knitwear, jumpers and bombers.



We remind you that in January 2017, the first collection of Free Age Fashion was released, designed and bound in St. Petersburg. All models are made on modern Japanese equipment that allows you to realize the most daring ideas of designers.