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23.04.2019 | Юлия Ригби

Smart Fabrics

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Russian entrepreneurs are ready to help the fashion industry make a rapid leap in the application of innovative technologies. Today, our questions about new developments are answered by Nikolay Bychenko, CEO of the Innovative Company Yalos LLC.

- Nikolay Lazarevich, your company has a lot of interesting developments and various patents. You have created a technology for applying special substances to the fabric that signal changes in the environment and temperature, about pollution. Please tell us what is the essence of your scientific development?

- We are focused on creating and implementing environmental color indicators. Our developments can also be applied in the textile industry, as the trend for "smart" fabric in the world has long been determined and this direction will develop rapidly. 

We see that many foreign campaigns and designers are actively developing various versions of fabrics, in which, for example, fiber-optic threads or microcapsules with various substances are woven, there are many interesting developments in which the material is stuffed with electrodes or chips. We went a slightly different way: after all, any electrical component in the material will require recharging. 

indicators from the company YALOS


Our method is more effective: we apply special chemicals to the fabric, which become indicators of environmental changes and help a person. Fabric for both workwear and everyday wear is no longer just an element of a design solution, but a real assistant to a person. With the help of our clothes, everyone will be able to receive information about dangerous external situations and thereby be warned. That is, our development, by simply changing the color of the fabric, will notify the owner of the clothes about changes in environmental factors.


- Are these impregnations and sprays of chemical indicators for clothing safe?


- Everything about clothes is, of course, safe. We are now increasingly focused on industrial innovation projects, but there are orders from other areas. In addition to cooperation with Russian Railways, the space center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Sciences, we are also creating "scientific groundwork for the future", because our developments show changes in temperature, humidity, chemical aggressiveness of the environment.


To be continued.


Yulia Malakhova was talking.

Photo and video: Yalos Investment Company