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04.06.2018 | Степан Максимов

"Smart fitting room" from Interactive Group

One of the largest domestic integrators of Digital Signage – Interactive Group – will present at the Week of Russian Retail «Smart fitting rooms ». The new product is based on the INGI SFR software developed by the company's specialists. The solution is based on the integration of an interactive catalog into the fitting rooms of the store, which allows not only to provide the buyer with complete information about the selected product, but also to recommend related products that will help create a complete image, thereby facilitating the selection process for the buyer and increasing the amount of the average check.


The system includes INGI SFR software, a professional monitor and RFID sensors that attach to clothing.



The buyer enters things into the fitting room, after which the system reads data from RFID tags and displays complete information about the product: all its sizes in the store, various color options and style. In addition, the "smart fitting room" will give recommendations on the appropriate style of additional items of clothing or accessories. It is possible to quickly call a consultant by simply pressing a button, as well as ordering the necessary items, which will eliminate the need to leave the booth in search of the required thing. Additionally, the system can be equipped with a virtual fitting function. In addition, there is an option to post photos on social networks directly from the monitor.


Comments Anastasia Rozanova, CEO of Interactive Group: "A smart fitting room takes the degree of communication with the customer to a fundamentally new level.It facilitates the consumer's choice process, turns it into an easy and enjoyable game. In addition, the system performs the role of "consultant" and "stylist", offering to complement the selected items with other related positions. All this increases sales and helps to form customer loyalty to the store or brand. In parallel, this solution will allow the store's marketers to collect data related to consumer behavior at the time of product selection.


Another Russian novelty that Interactive Group will present at Russian Retail Week, – customer service quality assessment and control system. A distinctive feature of the system is the ability to receive full-fledged feedback from the consumer with the ability to create targeted surveys. In addition, the solution involves collecting data about the buyer, obtaining contact information.It is possible to broadcast ads on a tablet when the consumer is not using it. Thus, it will become an additional DS element in the checkout area.


Photo: shutterstock