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17.08.2018 | Альбина Весина

Round Table of School Uniform manufacturers

On August 22, 2018, at 12:00, a round table of school uniform manufacturers will be held. The topic for discussion sounds like this: "School is coming soon! What form to choose – price, main quality criteria, fashion trends».
Basic questions:
  • The history of school uniforms in Russia: stages of transformation;
  • Made in Russia: school uniform quality criteria;
  • The proportions of the fabric composition, the convenience of the cut, the relevance of the models – which shape to choose?
  • How many linear meters of fabrics (which) are spent annually on the uniform?
  • How is the uniform for junior and high school different?
  • A combination of colors, a cage, a stripe or a monochrome - psychological aspects of a school uniform;
  • Completeness of the form – features and differences;
  • The price of school uniforms in the regions of the Russian Federation in August 2018: cost and margins;
  • School uniforms in Russia and in the world: fashion trends.
As part of the round table, a fashion show of the best models of school uniforms of domestic production will be held.
Moderator of the event – Natalia Andrushchenko, political commentator. Among the speakers have already been announced: Andrey V.Razbrodin, President of Soyuzlegprom; Maria-Marta Galicheva, head of the press service of the Russian Quality System; Snytnikova Elena Konstantinovna, Head of the Committee on School Uniforms at Soyuzlegprom, head of the project "Our uniform" Bogomolov Vladimir Georgievich, Deputy Executive Director of the NGO "Soyuzform" Lopandina Svetlana Konstantinovna, General Director of the Central Research Institute of the Garment Industry (JSC TSNIISHP); Larin Mikhail Yurievich, head of the public project «Safe  school uniform» Larisa Anatolyevna Sanatovskaya, Executive Director of the National Parent Association; Lyudmila Mikhailovna Davydkina, Commercial Director of Sky Laky, member of the Association of Manufacturers of Children's Goods (AIDT);Andrey G. Krutov, CEO of Gamma Textile, member of the Association of Manufacturers of Children's Goods (AIDT).