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06.11.2018 | Альбина Весина

School uniform from Tchaikovsky Textile

The company «Tchaikovsky textiles» has developed and released a new range of fabrics for school uniforms «Lyceum» for the 2019/20 season. The collection includes fabrics of the costume and magpie assortment in new colors and with improved properties. Updated the classic colors that are relevant for the next season, as well as fabrics with a "cage" design, including blue and red shades. For shirts, a fabric with a soft finish is offered. Its hygroscopicity is increased, so that schoolchildren can feel even more comfortable. Fabrics with improved absorbency and accelerated evaporation of moisture from the surface allow you to regulate the heat exchange between the human body and the environment.



The popularity of fabrics for schoolchildren «Lyceum » is growing every year. This year, a uniform was sewn from the fabrics of this series for more than half a million schoolchildren across the country.


Comments Alla Yukhimenko, Deputy director of the business direction of the company «Tchaikovsky textiles»: «At the heart of the fabrics «Lyceum» – viscose fiber. Viscose is eco-friendly, does not cause allergies and irritation, has the ability to absorb and remove sweat, has an ideal appearance after repeated washes, color stability, is easy to care for and has many other important properties. For example, it is antistatic and has antibacterial properties. In recent years, "Roskachestvo" regularly conducts research on school uniforms. Products made of fabrics «Lyceum» produced by the company «Tchaikovsky Textiles» successfully pass such checks and receive high ratings from experts, because during their development, impeccable quality and safety for children are prioritized. For several years, children from all regions of the country have been able to appreciate the convenience, beauty and durability, and their parents have been able to appreciate the quality, safety and practicality of the Lyceum fabrics.


The new collection will go on sale in January 2019, just in time for the season of fabric purchases by sewing companies for sewing school uniforms for the next academic year.


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