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20.09.2017 | Степан Максимов

Round table within the framework of InterCHARM

On October 27, as part of the 24th International Exhibition of Cosmetics and Perfumes InterCHARM , a round table "Behind the scenes of natural cosmetics" will be held. Technologists and manufacturers, customers of their own brands, specialists of beauty salons and spas, retailers, bloggers, as well as responsible consumers will discuss the most pressing issues of the origin of natural and organic cosmetics, the choice of ingredients and formulations, certification of eco-products.


In recent years, due to the growing awareness of consumers, interest in products marked "bio" or "eco" has increased several times. According to the market research Canadian's Global Attitudes & Behaviors Survey 2015, 65% of Russian consumers are looking for an indication of their naturalness on the labels of cosmetics. Experts of consulting companies predict that the market volume of natural cosmetics and personal care products will continue to grow.



How can the manufacturer choose the composition of eco-friendly products? Which substances may be present in natural perfumes and cosmetics, and which are biologically incompatible with the human body and belong to the CMR group (carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic) or are suspected of such properties? Today, these issues are more relevant than ever, since the Russian system of regulation of rules and regulations for the production of perfumery and cosmetic products does not allow for flexible response to the withdrawal of the most critical ingredients, the list of which is regularly replenished by the world's leading organizations and research institutes.


The round table will be useful to specialists in the field of beauty, manufacturers of cosmetics and care products, owners of retail stores. The speakers of the event are recognized experts in the field of certification of natural products and the creators of the most famous natural and organic cosmetic brands will answer the questions of the participants. Moderator: Elena Koval, international expert on natural and organic cosmetics.