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20.08.2018 | Альбина Весина

GOST for school uniforms

Roskachestvo has prepared a draft GOST for school uniforms. It is based on safety standards, we are talking about such parameters as the breathability of products and their ability to absorb moisture. This will help to avoid the "spacesuit effect" characteristic of low-quality products. Manufacturers believe that the new GOST should also contain requirements for the general appearance of clothing for students, its color and style.



Specialists from a number of organizations, including the Ministry of Industry and Trade and industry associations, joined the work on the draft standard. Taking into account their comments, the first edition of the document will be submitted to the technical committee of Rosstandart in the autumn.


Now there is no GOST for this type of product in Russia. According to the plans, in 2019 the document should be included in the standardization program, coordinated and approved in Roskachestvo.


As explained in the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the GOST is based on Roskachestvo standards for individual children's clothing products, for example, trousers, sundresses, shirts. They were formed by Roskachestvo on the basis of the usual GOST standards for these types of clothing, but with higher requirements for products. The improved quality standards have already been tested in Russia during the three-year laboratory tests of the organization.



The GOST project for school uniforms included products for everyday wear. Sportswear for children and its festive options remained outside the scope of the document. "School uniforms should not be considered as products of episodic socks," noted Roskachestvo. The new standard designates such types of products as a jacket, a jacket, a sundress and other items of a schoolboy's everyday costume.


Roskachestvo explained that now the draft standard includes several areas of safety and quality. For example, experts have fixed requirements for the sanitary and hygienic properties of fabrics: breathability and hygroscopicity. These standards will apply not only to the top layer of products, but also to the lining.Increased requirements have been added to the toxicity index and the content of free formaldehyde, which can remain in clothing after its coloring. Additional control over these parameters will make the clothes even more comfortable for the baby's skin.The document also includes the qualitative characteristics of the fabric: strength, abrasion resistance, the ability to form pellets (pili), change their size after washing.



Deputy Head of Roskachestvo Elena Sarattseva noted that today the legislation does not contain the concept of "school uniform", which is why there are clothes on the market that are suitable for their characteristics only for occasional wear. Although in the eyes of consumers it looks like clothes for students, moreover, it is called a "school uniform". A single standard for it will be one of the measures that will help not to mislead the consumer.


The new standard for school uniforms may also introduce requirements for the general appearance of clothing for schoolchildren, its color and style. Also, the document should indicate the elements of the form that are unacceptable. Such proposals for the formation of a new GOST were put forward by Soyuzlegprom. This is stated in the letter of the President of the Union Andrey Razbrodin to Roskachestvo dated June 3. Manufacturers also believe that the future GOST should limit the list of subjects that relate to school uniforms.



Earlier, the Ministry of Education and Science stated that they did not see the point in introducing the legal concept of school uniforms. The department is confident that the issues of establishing requirements for students' clothing have already been legally regulated. Thus, according to the law "On Education in the Russian Federation", educational institutions have the right to regulate this issue independently.


Source: Soyuzlegprom

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