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26.02.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

Retail will be able to use biometrics

february 19 Rostelecom presented the first working version of the Unified Biometric System a digital platform that is planned to be used in the future not only in the financial sector, but also in retail. The EBS uses two parameters for identification - a voice profile and a photo image, which allows to significantly increase the accuracy of recognition of a living person. 


Rostelecom, which is the developer of the system, sees the possibilities of its application in the future much wider than could have been expected at the first stage, in which more than 20 banks participate. After running-in, the system can become a kind of unified platform for use in e-commerce and retail, moreover, it can be not only in the field of "client-company" relationships, but also in the B2B segment.For example, within the framework of partnerships between two firms or organizations.



According to the Deputy Minister of Communications and Communications of the Russian Federation Alexey Kozyrev, the electronic digital signature that is widespread today has a number of difficulties. Whereas biometric authentication would greatly simplify the identity verification process. 


The use of the Unified Biometric System makes available a number of services and services that will allow residents of remote regions and people with limited mobility to count on receiving services and services. In addition, the system, working around the clock, will make it possible to use services outside the office hours.



Given that online commerce and retail digitalization are growing exponentially today, the use of biometric identification could significantly simplify a number of processes and optimize the costs of companies.


Source: Retail&Loyalty

Photo: shutterstock