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01.10.2018 | Альбина Весина

Perfect shoes

Roskachestvo conducted a quality check of women's leather shoes. The research was conducted on the basis of the Innovative Research and Production Center of Textile and Light Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. For the experiment, 25 pairs of classic women's leather shoes (with thick heels of medium height) of the most popular brands in Russia were purchased. Among them are five Russian-made brands, one does not contain information about the manufacturer, one is not readable, the rest are foreign (from Indonesia, Italy, Cyprus, China and Turkey).



Roskachestvo specialists examined each pair according to 17 quality and safety parameters, including checking the quality and authenticity of genuine leather, tailoring quality, color fastness, toxicity. Experts tore off the heels and soles, tore the top to test the shoes for strength.According to the results of the inspection, all the shoes selected for examination turned out to be made of non-toxic materials without dangerous substances, but the quality of tailoring sometimes leaves much to be desired.


One of the stages of the study was to verify the authenticity of the material of leather shoes. Only one Turkish brand was not tested: the shoes were made of patent leather. However, the manufacturer promptly responded to the results of the Roskachestvo study and has already strengthened control, as well as replaced information about the upper material in the labeling of shoes. The labeling of shoes of one of the brands did not specify the composition of the upper material (among other characteristics), but the study showed that it was genuine leather. Several shoes had no information about the lining material or the sole material.



The shoes were also tested for toxicity: they were tested for the content of carcinogenic hexavalent water-leachable chromium (chromium is used for tanning leather) and dangerous amounts of formaldehyde (they may be contained in glue). All brands have been tested for toxicity. The lining color of most of the shoes (17 out of 25 brands) was sweat-resistant.


Experts have tested the strength of the shoes. As the test results showed, there will be no problems with the heels of the shoes studied.Shoes of one of the brands do not comply with the technical regulations on the safety of light industry products in terms of the strength of the sole attachment. Not too strong seams between the upper parts of the shoes were found in 14 of the brands studied.


Another sign of perfect shoes is neatness and neatness of appearance. Uneven stitching, adhesive burrs, different sizes of identical parts in shoes in a pair indicate marriage.There were no claims to 12 trademarks on this point, various defects were found in shoes of 13 brands.



Checked  and compliance of the declared size with GOST. All pairs were 37 sizes, that is, they had to be 23-24 centimeters in length (according to GOST for standard sizes). However, only 8 brands of shoes passed this test. The shoes of the other 17 brands turned out to be several millimeters larger.


Based on the results of the inspection, Roskachestvo prepared recommendations on the choice of shoes in stores. First, you should pay attention to the smell of shoes - an unpleasant smell may indicate the toxicity of materials. It is better to choose shoes made of natural material: leather, suede, nubuck, textiles. Secondly, shoes should be well-sewn, look neat. The details of the shoes should not be collected and «wrinkle»at the seams. The dimensions of all parts in a pair of shoes, as well as the shoes themselves in a pair should be the same. There should be no burrs and adhesive film on the details of the shoes, which can form during the fastening of the top of the shoes to the sole.


The Roskachestvo study also showed that the quality of shoes does not depend on their price.


Source: Roskachestvo

Photo: shutterstock