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21.04.2023 | Roman Popov

New fashion trend "Quiet Luxury"

Right now, people's interest in the "luxury base" is growing. The trend implies a concise, simple design without logos. For example, these are cashmere sweaters, high-quality suits and shirts. Nordstrom, one of the largest stores in the USA, attaches great importance to them both in its physical and digital stores. Also, according to their data, the popularity of "budget luxury" is growing, for example, Vince cashmere sweaters for $ 400. The Quiet Luxury section has even appeared on the website of the ultra-cheap and ultra-fast fashion giant Shein. Business of Fashion decided to figure out how brands sell the idea of "quiet luxury" to the mass consumer.


The main reason for the trend is economic instability. "Psychologically, people are now interested in buying luxury items that have durability. Buying disposable and bright fashion seems less correct now than a couple of years ago," explains Robert Burke, executive director of the consulting company Robert Burke Associates. Really rich people try to be "below the radar" in order not to catch the haight wave, everyone else is looking for something to "invest" in and wear for many years.



In the most advantageous situation are the brands of the middle segment and the expensive mass market (for example, Cos, Massimo Dutti). They use more and more natural materials - linen, leather, cashmere - and can afford to say that their quality is comparable to luxury. The text gives an example of Banana Republic, who sew their costumes in the same factories with Brunello Cucinelli.


BOF experts speak about the budget mass market as follows: "Truly wealthy people will never wear it, because certain brands are part of the code."


Most likely, soon there will also be clothes made of genuine leather, silk and cashmere in the Zara-level mass market, as demand for these positions will grow. The only question is whether the general consumer will be able to afford these things at a price. After all, quality will entail the cost price. In any case, Russian brands should adopt the trend, as it will be long-term, not for one season.


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