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23.11.2018 | Альбина Весина

«Mary Kay® Russia" – nominee of the Woman Who Matters Award

On November 15, 2018, a Forum Woman Who Matters was held at the House of Unions in Moscow, aimed at identifying and highlighting the best initiatives, practices and programs of Russian companies in relation to women. Within the framework of the Woman Who Matters project, the most pressing issues pass through the prism of women's entrepreneurship, allowing participants and viewers of the project not only to learn new things, but also to draw conclusions about the development of women's business in Russia.


Woman Who Matters


Alla Sokolova, CEO of Mary Kay® Russia, spoke at the Forum, who spoke about initiatives in support of women's entrepreneurship. On November 16, the project «Secrets of Big Business with Mary Kay®» received the Program award in the nomination «Women's Entrepreneurship».


Mary Kay®


«Secrets of Big Business with Mary Kay®» – a project that has been providing women with opportunities to create their own business for 55 years in the world and 25 years in Russia. The experience of successful entrepreneurs from different business fields sets the foundation and new ideas for the development of women's entrepreneurship in the future. The project responds to the audience's requests and corresponds to the latest business trends: this is a dialogue of business representatives, new ideas and inspiration for their implementation. The project is based on the idea of equality of women and men in terms of realizing their capabilities. Entrepreneurs from different business fields were invited to discuss the latest business trends: successful businesswomen, heads of large corporations, business coaches, people who create a modern economic environment, talk about trends, about industry, about women's entrepreneurship. The project "Secrets of Big Business with Mary Kay" was implemented on the TV channel "About Business", the YouTube channel "About Business" and the official YouTube channel Mary Kay Russia. Currently, 12 broadcasts have been released.


Photo: Mary Kay®