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19.03.2019 | Альбина Весина

Lyst and Hugh Turvey: sneakers for the light

Every month, more than 3 million customers are looking for sneakers in online stores. Since the demand for sneakers is growing all over the world, both manufacturers of professional sports accessories and luxury fashion brands have released new silhouettes, models and styles for passionate lovers of such shoes. sneakers.. The most fashionable sneakers of this season have a space design, a raised sole, a unique shape and are decorated with well-known logos.


Lyst and Hugh Turvey: sneakers on the lumen

To better understand what lies behind the creation of some of the most fashionable sneakers of the season, the international search engine for fashion items Lyst presented a collaboration with British artist and photographer Hugh Turvey, who took X-rays of popular models of sneakers this summer.

Turvey's works are at the junction between photography and radiology. He uses X-rays to create so-called "xograms" (Xograms) from X-ray, i.e. "X-rays"), where visible light is combined with X-rays. From Nike Vapormax for $100 to Louis Vuitton Archlight for $ 1,000: in the resulting series of photos we see the contents of a complex design and the subtleties of the production of the most coveted sports shoes.


Lyst and Hugh Turvey: sneakers on the lumen

The process of turning the most ordinary things into works of art thanks to Turvey's X-rays makes you think about details that are hidden from the eye and often overlooked. "We live on the surface without diving into the essence, but if we look a little deeper, then a completely new world opens up to us. These pictures depicted the hidden world of assembly, design, materials, shapes, functionality and, ultimately, design in general, which is enclosed in each pair of sneakers, " the artist notes.


The most difficult object for filming turned out to be SEGA Flashtrek sneakers from Gucci, since this model is made of high-strength materials and decorated with precious stones. But it was a challenge that justified itself and fully demonstrated the high level of skill captured on the X-ray. "I didn't expect to see such a level of detail usage in Gucci sneakers. In addition to precious stones, small pins and a metal rod can be noticed on the heel, which are usually used when creating traditional shoe models and demonstrate a high level of assembly quality. I absolutely did not expect to see this in sneakers," shared Hugh.


In Lyst we have prepared a whole report that reveals the process of X-ray shooting of sneakers, as well as explains the details of the design and construction of each model, the degree of popularity in social networks and lists the celebrities who wore this model.


Photo: Lyst press service