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28.05.2018 | Альбина Весина

Italian innovations in Skolkovo

ICHE Agency In May 2017, the Embassy of Italy, the Department for the Development of Trade Exchange, launched a number of projects aimed at strengthening cooperation between Italy and Russia in the field of innovation and industry. This year ICHE Agency will take part for the first time in the largest startup conference in Russia Startup Village, where in its pavilion it will introduce visitors to Italian startups.

About 40 Italian companies working in such sectors as biotechnology, renewable energy, clean technologies, Internet of Things technologies, FoodTech, Fashion Industry, robotics and IT will be represented at the conference in Skolkovo. Startup founders and innovators will meet with successful entrepreneurs, investors, large technology corporations and government representatives.


As part of the conference, a rich business program is planned, in which a separate thematic panel "Open Innovation in Italy: Reality and prospects" will be dedicated to Italy. The discussion will be attended by: President of the Association of Business Incubators of Italian Universities PNI Cube Giovanni Perrone (Giovanni Perrone), President of the Association Start Up Italia Marco Bicocchi Pichi (Marco Bicocchi Pichi), coordinator of innovation centers Enel Fabio Tentori (Fabio Tentori), Head of Networking and Partnership Development at TIM WCAP Giulia Piermattei (Giulia Piermattei) and Mattia Corbetta (Mattia Corbetta) from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. The Ambassador of the Italian Republic to Russia will make a welcoming speech Pasquale Terraciano and Director of the ICHE Agency in Moscow Pierre Paolo Celeste.The meeting will be held on May 31.



Among the participants of Startup Village are stated: company DIS, which offers an unparalleled innovative service for creating custom-made shoes in accordance with any wishes of the client, and each pair of shoes is handmade by the best Italian craftsmen; innovative company Lischi 2000, the main activity of which is the art of secondary use; the firm Validactor, which offers the technology of mass assignment of serial numbers to goods to counteract any forms of counterfeit manufacturing.

Photo: shutterstock