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04.07.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

GUM and TSUM started working with WeChat Pay

The Chinese payment service WeChat Pay has entered the Russian market, which allows you to pay for goods using an application on a mobile phone. Now Chinese tourists have the opportunity to make purchases in Moscow, paying for them in yuan at the rate of the Central Bank of China. The first new service for the Russian market was introduced by the metropolitan shopping centers GUM and TSUM.



Limits on purchases using WeChat Pay are $10,000 per check and $20,000 per day from one e-wallet. There are no monthly and annual limits.



In the near future, tourists will be able to pay with WeChat Pay in The House of Leningrad trade (DLT) in the center of St. Petersburg.


WeChat Pay works on the basis of the messenger WeChat, which, according to the company, is installed by more than 900 million Chinese. To pay at the checkout, the QR code generated by the system is scanned.



Russia has become the 17th country in the world where WeChat Pay has been earned. The service's partner in Russia is the international payment system Sendy.


Source: Interfax

Photo: shutterstock