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27.10.2017 | Наталья Кулагина

"Green corridor" for Uzbek textile products

Uzbekistan and Russia are working on creating a "green corridor" for textile products from Uzbekistan.


Evgeny Ryzhov, Head of the Department for the Development of Domestic Trade, Light Industry and Legalization of Product Turnover of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, noted that the creation of a "green corridor" for textile products from Uzbekistan will increase the share of legal supplies to Russia.


According to him, the parties intend to reduce the level of gray and black imports from Uzbekistan due to the "green corridor".



Within the framework of this project, the parties will simplify the passage of customs procedures, as well as warehouse logistics. According to him, the textile hub, where the supply of products from Uzbekistan will be concentrated, will be located in the city of Ivanovo, which remains the center of the textile industry in Russia.


Ryzhov noted that over the past two years, against the background of volume growth, the structure of textile supplies from Uzbekistan to Russia has also changed. "No one is talking about the supply of cotton fiber anymore, we are talking more about finished products of the highest quality, yarn, fabrics," he added.