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21.12.2017 | Лидия Соколова

Uzbek raw cotton directly from farmers

According to the news agency RIA "Fashion" with reference to the national portal Trend, since 2018 in Uzbekistan will introduce a system for ordering and advancing the production of raw cotton directly from farms and other agricultural producers. Textile industry enterprises will be able to connect to the system. Currently, the system is being introduced only as an experiment in accordance with the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan on measures to accelerate the development of the textile and clothing and knitting industry.



According to the decree, the variety and volume of purchased cotton , the terms and procedure for its transfer are determined by the contract concluded between the farm and the textile industry enterprise. The same contract also determines the price of raw cotton purchased by textile industry enterprises. Enterprises sell the received cotton seeds and additional products to other consumers through exchange trading. The purchased raw cotton is used by textile industry enterprises exclusively for its further deep processing.


In connection with the transition to a new scheme of work, the Cabinet of Ministers of the country has been instructed to ensure that, by January 10, 2018, farms will renegotiate contracts for the cultivation and supply of raw cotton in accordance with the established procedure. By January 15, 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers must determine the territories and areas of land plots for the experiment, as well as set state procurement prices for raw cotton of the 2018 harvest. By January 20, 2018, the issue of ordering raw cotton from farms that are not covered by contracts for the cultivation and supply of raw cotton directly with textile industry enterprises, as well as participants in cotton and textile clusters, should be resolved.