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B2B Журнал
05.07.2024 | Милена Мисоченко

Gloria Jeans expands the geography of production

Five EAEU certificates of conformity were obtained by Gloria Jeans for clothing produced in Pakistani factories. This means that now popular brands "Gloria Jeans", "Gee Jay", "GJ", "GJ", "Gloria", "GeeJay", "Gloria Jeans", "GJ Loungewear", "Ready! Steady! Go!" will delight their customers not only with quality, but also with affordable prices.

Cooperation with Pakistani partners: Gul Ahmed Textile Mills, Kamal Limited, Siddixons and Azgard Nine is an important step for Gloria Jeans aimed at optimizing production and expanding the product range. The company has long-term plans for fruitful cooperation with Pakistani factories.

Gloria Jeans' global supplier network works with 200 suppliers worldwide, and the EAEU certificates allow the company to produce clothes in factories in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and now Pakistan.

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