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21.04.2017 | Лидия Соколова

Fashion retail: playing by the new rules

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The Internet and technology have led to the emergence of new communication channels and increased their number. Social media, Internet platforms and magazines, applications, video sources and events, for example, related to the release of limited collections, shape the perception and value of brands. Unfortunately, it is difficult for retailers to manage the entire flow of information. They can monitor their own website, but it is difficult for them to control consumer impressions when shopping in other online stores.


However, according to Kim Mannino, it is important for companies to understand well how the end customer enters the products offered. It is possible to expand the sphere of influence and strengthen channel management with the help of partnership agreements with companies and resources involved in the promotion and sale of goods, as well as with the control of information sources. Right now it is necessary to build paths to the brand's audience and a dialogue with it. Another way is to expand the boundaries of the service and increase the availability of goods. This provides an opportunity to make a purchase quickly, which is essential for modern consumers.


A new word in retail is the creation of virtual assistants capable of conducting a dialogue with the buyer. The Amazon Echo smart speaker, developed by Amazon Corporation, conducts a conversation, answers questions about the weather, gives recommendations on goods.



Another option of the virtual assistant is ebay ShopBot, an application that works through Facebook. The ebay ShopBot version plays the role of a professional assistant, takes photos, and with its help, the buyer essentially receives personal advice from the ebay team.


Virtual "friends" improve the quality of communications and stimulate sales. In the near future, such assistants who can advise, as well as play a game of cards or offer a melody, will be in great demand. The innovation is already being adopted by retailers. For example, robots are being developed that will give purchase recommendations in H&M stores.


To communicate with customers, retailers can use existing ones, as well as create their own applications. So, a special application has been created for Saks Fifth Avenue in Kazakhstan, which allows you to build a dialogue between the buyer and the seller and make purchases at any time. Continuous service is provided around the clock. The seller can work even if he is at home, which allows him to earn more.


Platforms such as, for example, help buyers navigate the huge offer on the fashion market. , which suggest which of the new seasonal collections should be paid attention to, in fact, supervising purchases. This is especially in demand due to the lack of time for modern people to make a decision.


Collaborations are popular, which become bright, attention-grabbing events. On the other hand, making a purchase is motivated by the fear of missing the original collection, which is available for a limited period of time.


An additional action, which only fueled interest in brands, was accompanied by the shows of the collection created as part of the collaboration of Alexander Wang and adidas. A message appeared on social networks that the items presented on the podium will be available in pop-up stores deployed on trucks. Anyone who was interested could get a special code. This offer caused a huge response – at the end of the show, huge queues of fans appeared on the street, wanting to make a purchase. Many happy owners of new products exchanged purchases or sold them through ebay. The events were held in New York, London and Tokyo.

To be continued


Author: Elena Varnina