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20.04.2017 | Лидия Соколова

Fashion retail: playing by the new rules

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Millennials are burdened by property. Many of them not only rent housing, but are also likely to be reluctant to purchase cars. This generation prefers the experience of temporary use of goods and things. In this regard, according to Kim Mannino, business ideas of joint ownership, as well as rental of clothing, household items, appliances, etc., will become particularly popular.


Special car share loyalty programs are already being offered by the largest car companies, which not only attract participants to events organized by the brand, but also offer cars for temporary use.



Clubs where you can get access to goods when paying membership fees are becoming popular. For example, the Scandinavian brand VIGGA provides young families with clothes for children under the age of two. As soon as the child grows up, things come back, and the parents order a new batch. Kits for babies are maintained in good condition, and everything that wears out is removed.


In the premium segment, coats and fur coats are rented out, which can be rented for a sufficiently long period, for example, for six months when making contributions. This concept allows you to make a wardrobe in accordance with your own lifestyle, without accumulating things and clogging cabinets.


Among the representatives of generation Y, other business ideas related to the consumption of goods are also relevant. For example, platforms organized on the principle of social networks are being created, such as Shelf, allowing you to exchange things and sell what is not needed. With the help of such resources, anyone can form their own market and their own audience, as well as publish photos of everything they own, from coffee grinders to electronics and large household appliances.


Various club concepts are popular. They are aimed at personal service and solving the problems of consumers who are overloaded with daily chores, and also allow you to directly maintain constant contacts with them.


As part of club programs, mass market brands can provide unique personalized offers. For example, Avenue A by adidas sends its subscribers a bow of a new seasonal collection four times a year. It includes several items that are specially selected and presented by world-class stars, for example, famous athletes. On the other hand, companies that work in niches provide services for compiling kits for clients that are suitable for events, for example, meetings, anniversaries, parties. 

To be continued


Author: Elena Varnina