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07.09.2018 | Альбина Весина

Fashion house "Winter" at the contest "Fashion of Russia"

On the eve of the XII contest "Fashion of Russia" designer of the St. Petersburg Fashion House "Winter" Elena Vidonova told about the history of the House, cooperation in the creation of the collection "Roads of dreams"" with the famous artist Dariko Beridze, "breaking" stereotypes in the perception of fur and its capabilities, stained glass technique of working with fur and returning to the true purpose of the fur coat.



Elena, tell us about the history of the creation of your company and the principles of work.


The chronicle of the Fashion House «Winter» is rooted in the history of the city, in the history of «Clothing », as the company is based on the non-profit association «Winter»;, which included more than 12 fur ateliers. Now the company occupies its own special niche in the fur market of the city due to the impeccable quality of the fur products made of valuable breeds of sable, marten, mink, karakul, fox and others. In his works, the fashion house "Winter" combines the centuries-old traditions of Russian furrier craftsmanship and advanced European technologies.



– You created your new collection in partnership with the famous artist Dariko Beridze. How does this collection differ from the ones presented earlier?


For the contest "Fashion of Russia" we have prepared a collection "Roads of dreams", where in close cooperation with Dariko Beridze created fantastic products that violate the usual rules, break the stereotypes of perception of fur and reveal unexpected possibilities of materials. The artist's life-affirming graphic works became the focus of attention of each creative unit of our collection and were embodied in the form of stained glass windows made of fur, fabric paintings that Dariko made for us with her own hands. Based on the creation of the collection, we made a video clip. In my opinion, it is important to carefully preserve all the creative and production stages of such projects for history.



– In the collection you have returned to the "true purpose of the fur coat". Can you explain?


As you know, everything is new – well-forgotten old. So in our collection we returned to the true meaning of the word "fur coat", a product made with fur inside and covered with fabric on top. The desire to make a fur coat light, airy and elegant inspired us to create a "fur cloth", where the fur is tuned directly to the fabric and becomes one with it. Thanks to this, complex compositions of fur, fabric, lace and beads give rise to unusual textures and shapes.
– Fashion House «Winter» – winner of the award «Fashion of Russia». Why are you presenting your collection here again?


For the presentation of the new collection «Roads of dreams» of the season «autumn-winter 2018/19» we chose the podium «Fashion of Russia», because we consider this competition very prestigious. The event is organized at the highest level, and the expert council consists of professionals in their field.



Knowing how masterfully Elena Vidonova works, combining traditions and breaking stereotypes, we can safely put her on a par with the queen of Russian fur Irina Krutikova and consider her a worthy successor of the best traditions of fur art and fur-making skills. The models of the collection will certainly confidently step off the podium onto the streets of Russian cities.


We remind you that the XII competition for the award "Fashion of Russia" will be held on September 19, 2018 as part of the 51st Federal Fair"Tekstillegprom" in Moscow, at VDNH.


Photos provided by the Fashion House "Winter".

Interviewer: Vera Tugova.