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30.08.2018 | Альбина Весина

"Sharkan-knitwear"" at the contest "Fashion of Russia"

The company «Sharkan-knitwear » from Udmurtia will take part in the XII competition for the award «Fashion of Russia». CEO Nadezhda Zainakova spoke about the company's positions in the market, new areas of work and the competitive collection.



–Nadezhda, tell us about your company.

– The company «Sharkan-knitwear » specializes in the production of women's clothing from various knitted fabrics of its own production with attachments of wool, linen, cotton, as well as products from knitted and textile fabrics. For 30 years of work, the Sharkan Knitting Factory has established itself as one of the leading enterprises in the fashion industry and has taken a stable position in the sales market. The products of «Sharkan-knitwear » are sold in more than 70 regions of Russia and beyond its borders. The geography of wholesale supplies is expanding every year. Online sales of the online store are actively gaining momentum.A network of branded stores is developing.


Please tell us about your production and creative process.


– The company's specialists are in constant creative search. New models are constantly being put into production, regardless of the basic collections of the seasons "autumn-winter" and "spring-summer". If recently we produced clothes only for middle-aged women, now we have on sale both a youth line and a de-luxe line with a more expensive assortment. We have just launched a new line of fashionable clothes "Yegoriya" and we hope for positive feedback from customers.



– With what do you enter the contest "Fashion of Russia"?

– At the competition we will present a collection of "Reflection of a dream" in the style of "family look". Now this direction is relevant for businesswomen who do not have much time to pick up clothes for their children, and we hope to help them reduce the time for shopping. In addition, the trend "kids like us" is popular.


– Why are you participating in the contest «Fashion of Russia»?

– This is not the first time we have participated in the Fashion of Russia contest and we are the winners of the Award. Currently, our assortment has changed radically, so we want to show new areas of work to both regular customers and new potential buyers, in addition, to receive an assessment from independent experts. 



– Your further production, creative plans? 


«Sharkan-knitwear» as a dynamically developing company, it continues to constantly introduce new technologies and developments into production.

Today, the Udmurt Republic actively promotes products under the brand "Made in Udmurtia". We also joined this movement and use the logo "Made in Udmurtia" on our labels. Promoting the culture of the Udmurt people, we produce collections in ethnic style and various souvenirs with national symbols. This year we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of the weaving workshops and are preparing to show new collections.


The XII competition for the award "Fashion of Russia" will be held on September 19, 2018 as part of the 51st Federal Fair "Tekstillegprom" in Moscow, at VDNH.


Photos provided by "Sharkan-knitwear".