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03.11.2017 | Альбина Весина

Estet Fashion Week Business Program

On November 13–November 19,2017 The International Jewelry Fashion Week Estet Fashion Week, which takes place in Moscow at the Jewelry House "Estet", will once again open its doors to everyone connoisseurs of beauty, bold design solutions and bright fashion events.


As part of the Estet Fashion Week, a business program is traditionally held before the start of the shows with the participation of art critics, journalists, designers and fashion experts. The business program attracts a lot of media attention and everyone who is not indifferent to the issues of modern fashion.



Moderator of the business program – Art Director of Estet Fashion Week, Vladimir Preobrazhensky.


November 13. Round table «Secrets of sales in fashion business: how to get what you want from anyone» (Boris Zhalilo Business School)


The main topics for arousal:

  • signals for determining the characteristics of the client and differentiated management of negotiations on the phone and at a meeting;
  • the main expectations, motives and values of customers, features of information perception, communication, decision-making. How to use it and manage it;
  • reasons for objections and differentiated responses to them (work with pre-orders, presentation of new collections, communication of ideas and projects).

Boris Stung – one of the most titled business coaches in Russia, a brand coach, an international-level consultant coach with experience of successful work in 14 countries. He is a speaker at conferences and forums, currently in 18 cities, 5 countries, author of 9 books. Founder and Head of the International Consulting Group Business Solutions International.



November 16. Round table «Jewelry and watch fashion. Current trends


The round table is presented by the General Director of the Association of Watch Market Participants, Editor-in-chief of the Publishing House "Watch Literature", Vyacheslav Medvedev.


The event will be attended by representatives of jewelry and watch brands: GEVORKYAN(Russia–Armenia), «NICKNAME» (Russia),Philippe de Cheron (Switzerland), Kierge(Russia, Yakutia),Gohfeld Jewellery (Russia), Escada(Switzerland), Bijou Tresor(USA), YKstyle(Russia).



November 17th. Master class on "All the secrets of the right selection of underwear and tights"

  • Big breasts – a gift of fate or punishment?
  • How to choose the right stockings and tights that do not fall off, do not wrinkle at the knees and do not even tear?
  • How to save on stockings and tights, while having a closet full of them all the time?
  • Style recommendations, or Which tights under which outfit and under which outfit it is strictly forbidden to wear stockings.

Presenters of the master class:

  • Elena Regak A leading practicing expert in the textile industry, fashion industry and retail. Founder of Russia's only specialized business school for fashion industry companies and stores;
  • Lydia Kotsyukvich – founder, CEO of the linen company Panache (England).


November 18. «Fashion and sexuality»


The history of the costume and the features of the formation of different images: a madonna woman, a female sexual object, a female worker, a woman is an equal unit.The sexual revolution and fetishes of women's clothing.What does your wardrobe say about your sexuality?



  • Elena Perelygina – psychologist, public figure, expert «Channel One» and other leading media on psychology;
  • Love is White – fashion stylist. Participated in the formation of the "star wardrobes" of Mitya Fomin, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Sati Kazanova, Polina Gagarina, Pavel Rakov and others;
  • Elena Barbash –psychologist, writer, psychologist-consultant of the program «Morning» («The first channel»), «Incredible, but fact» (TNT), «Sex in the Big City (Radio City-fm), The Sexual Revolution (Ladies' Club), expert consultant of the TV channel Russia 24
  • Alexandra Miller is a practicing psychologist, psychotherapist, management consultant, political consultant, holder of diplomas in psychology, psychotherapy and sexology, public figure.


November 18. «30 critical mistakes when choosing clothes»


Why is it a time bomb to buy the clothes you like? How to choose the right size, color, material so that the thing suits you? Do I need to buy expensive things to look great? Where is it profitable to make purchases? «Chips» shopping from Alexander Belov.


RepresentsAlexander Belov, international style expert, specialist in exclusive shopping in Moscow, Milan and Paris, consultant on the image of politicians, businessmen and media personalities. Winner of the Glossy Image Maker of the Year award.


November 19th. «10 secrets of successful sales of clothing collections»


Modern channels of communication with the buyer.Secrets of the perfect seller (overheard and recorded from real sales).


Is represented by the CEO of Fashion Advisors, Maria Gerasimenko.The author's trainings by Maria Gerasimenko have firmly established themselves among fashion industry professionals.



Venue: Winter Garden of the Jewelry House "Aesthete" (Vetkina str., 4, 1st floor).

Admission:by media accreditation or by invitation cards for Fashion Week (invitations can be taken at the shops of "Aesthete Avenue": Vetkina str., 2a).

The beginning of the event: 16:30. November 18   starts at 15:30