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09.10.2017 | Степан Максимов

Estet Fashion Week: Autumn 2017

The 14th season of the International Jewelry Fashion Week Estet Fashion Week will be held from November 13 to 19.


According to tradition, the Fashion House show Slava Zaitsev will open the season. Among the participants are also announced: Association of Fashion Designers of Russia, Frugoletto (Italy–Russia), Nadezhda Shibina, Cartas, Andrey Kanunov, Bella Monella by CatischE (Italy–Russia), A-Store Kids, Veraletta, Franka-Victorya Grafsky, Alexandra Kozlovskaya (Belarus) and others.


A distinctive feature of Estet Fashion Week is the demonstration on the podium not only of collections of clothing and accessories, but also jewelry. From November 13 to 19, jewelry from jewelry and watch brands Gevorkyan will be presented at the shows(Russia–Armenia), «Nika» (Russia), Philippe de Cheron (Switzerland), «Kierge» (Russia, Yakutia), Gohfeld Jewellery (Russia), Escada (Switzerland), Bijou Tresor (USA), YKstyle (Russia).



The best collections will be determined by a jury consisting of experts in the field of fashion and style, as well as media personalities. Among them – top stylist Sergey Zverev, top model, TV presenter, director of the Fashion MuseumOksana Fedorova, producer, Rector of Kosygin Russian State University Valery Belgorodsky and others. Honorary Chairman of the Jury – Vyacheslav Zaitsev.


A special point of the program Estet Fashion Week will be traditional round tables that will be useful to both designers and everyone interested in fashion. Stated topics: «Secrets of sales in fashion business: how to get what you want from anyone» (presented by Boris Zhalilo Business School), «Jewelry and watch fashion. Current trends» (from the publishing house «Watch Literature»), «How to choose the right underwear?» (conducted by Elena Regak's business school), «Fashion and Sexuality » (experts Elena Perelyugina, Lyubov Belaya, Elena Barbash participate), «30 critical mistakes when choosing clothes » (speech by style expert Alexander Belov), «10 secrets successful sales of clothing collections" (represented by Fashion advisors agency).


Two days (November 14 and 15) will be devoted to children's shows.


Every day in the final of the program, prizes from the partners of the Estet Fashion Week will be raffled among the visitors of the Fashion Week – the magazine Ok, the company «I'm from Tai», the perfume bar Aroma Event, the wedding agency Shebi and others.


In addition, all visitors to jewelry stores «Aesthete Avenue» from November 13 to 19 will be provided with15% discount for all decorations (upon presentation of a ticket). Premium jewelry at special prices can be purchased in the screening hall itself.