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21.08.2018 | Альбина Весина

"Elisabeth's House" at the "Fashion of Russia" competition

The XII competition for the award "Fashion of Russia" will be attended by LLC "Elisabeth Model House" from Moscow. Chief Designer Agnes Volnaya spoke about the mission, areas of work and unique features of the House and the competition collection.


– Agnes, please tell us about the company and production.


– LLC «Elisabeth's House of Models» was founded by Elizabeth Morgulchik in October 2016 in Moscow. The main mission of the brand "House of Elisabeth" is to revive the best traditions of Russian fashion houses. A team of professionals has been assembled, each of whom makes a special contribution to the development of the company. "Elisabeth's House" works in two directions: the manufacture of women's clothing and the creation of handmade accessories (buttons, brooches, bags, belts, etc.). In its work, the House relies on the cooperation of an experienced designer, a member of the International AssociationThe Union of Designers», creating models for women 30+, Agnes Volnaya and a young designer who took the direction of the youth line, Yany Solovey. Design and technological work is performed by Tatiana Sizova, whose professionalism allows us to develop classic and modern designs and introduce new technologies in both areas of the company's work.

– Are there any features of the work of the firm «House of Elisabeth»?


Rethinking the accumulated creative baggage and analyzing modern fashion, we offer our customers high-quality bustiers and corsets, velvet and chiffon products made according to our unique patterns and technologies. In addition to creating clothes, our specialists consult on creating an image depending on individual characteristics and on the selection of a personal wardrobe.



– With what and for what do you enter the contest "Fashion of Russia"?


– «Elisabeth's House» will present at the competition a collection «Bird of Happiness», which will feature dresses, skirts, jackets, trousers made of silk, velour, jacquard and velvet in gray-blue and blue, black and brown, pink and wine colors. Our products are able to make a woman stylish, beautiful and, of course, happy. The collection will present the possibilities of the company from the creation of clothing and accessories to the selection of style and image. We participate in the competition primarily to evaluate our abilities and product quality by leading experts of the fashion industry and the public. In addition, we hope to enter the domestic market on a larger scale and continue the development and expansion of production.



– And a completely personal question.How did you turn from Natalia Naftalieva into Agnes Volnaya?


After many twists and turns with my namesake, I took a creative break and then decided to return to the fashion world "renewed", "start from scratch": I closed my atelier network "Grace", changed my name and the last name and became Agnes Free. In addition, I believe that, in accordance with the semantic load of my new surname, I am now free to create the most daring and vivid images, something that can pleasantly surprise lovers of modern fashion and classics.


We remind you that the XII competition for the award "Fashion of Russia" will be held on September 19, 2018 as part of the 51st Federal Fair "Tekstillegprom" in Moscow, at VDNH.


Photos provided by the brand "House Elisabeth"