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07.12.2017 | Наталья Кулагина

Checking stores

In two months Rospotrebnadzor carried out inspections of more than 5,300 retail facilities selling light industry products, and in most of them (77%), according to the agency's report, violations were detected. Among the verified outlets, 40% are stores within shopping centers, 38% are separately located retail stores,11% are large retail chains.



Rospotrebnadzor notes that in total more than 70,000 batches of light industry products were checked, of which more than 33,000 batches did not meet the established requirements. The most common violations are: non-conformity of product labeling, lack of labeling, as well as violations of the requirements for accompanying documents. In addition, violations of organoleptic (odor intensity) and toxicological indicators (toxicity index) were recorded.



"According to the results of the revealed violations, more than 110,000 units of light industry products that did not meet the established requirements were removed from sale, including more than 4,000 units of fur products and 6,000 pairs of children's shoes. More than 2 000 fines totaling over 85 million rubles were imposed on legal entities and officials. More than 800 cases have been transferred to the judicial authorities," the agency indicates.



The inspections were carried out in order to fulfill the order of the President of the Russian Federation dated 08.09.2017 No. Pr-1776 on the issue of taking additional measures to identify and suppress the illegal import, production and turnover of light industry products in Russia, including counterfeit ones.


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