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17.01.2018 | Лидия Соколова

Big data will overestimate the product

The ZENDEN Group has announced the completion of the modernization of the product revaluation system based on big data technologies. big data. Now the time spent on price revision will be reduced by 60 times, and the data for calculating the final cost of the product will be sent to the computing core from accounting systems automatically. The main goal of the project is to intellectualize the process of revaluation of goods, maximize the productivity of this process and, as a result, efficiently and accurately calculate alternative price options for products at a time throughout the network. 



The project «Revaluation», developed jointly with the company Cifra Project,  is a system of high-speed automatic calculations. It allows you to increase the efficiency of the decision-making process for revaluation of goods in all stores of the ZENDEN retail chain and reduce the time spent by analysts on the revaluation process from 2 days to 15 minutes. High performance was achieved without making changes to the current accounting system of ZENDEN Group on the 1C platform. 


The total volume of investments in the system based on big data exceeded 1 million rubles. All the work on creating the solution was carried out in a month. The implemented system supplemented the computing capacities available in the company with data storage, computing core and data analysis tools without purchasing additional software and did not interfere with the operational activities of the company. The company believes that the funds invested in improving the efficiency of the company's work will pay off in the near future.


Photo: ZENDEN