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28.03.2018 | Степан Максимов

Henderson presents a collection of products with RFID protection

For reliable storage of personal data, the Fashion House Henderson offers bags, purses and jackets with RFID protection from remote reading of information from documents, bank cards and communication devices.



Continuing the already well-known topic of personal data protection, the designers of the Fashion House Henderson have created new innovative jackets with RFID protection (Radio Frequency Identification). The RFID-Protection material blocks data transmission and protects personal information on the bank card and phone from theft. A special material with RFID protection is located between the lining (or insulation) of the jacket and the outer fabric, so that it also protects against mobile phone radiation.



Speaking about the security of personal data, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is wallets, bags and briefcases that we always carry with us. That is why all these products in the range of Henderson have RFID protection.