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10.08.2018 | Альбина Весина

Yana Kovaleva and the "Fashionable Children-2" project

On the eve of the 40th season of the International Competition of Young Designers«Exercise» designer from Murmansk, multiple winner and laureate of the Exercise »Yana Kovaleva told about her participation in this project, partnership with StenCom and work on a new collection for teenagers and young people "The project"Fashion Kids-2".
– Yana, please tell us your story of participation in the contest «Exercise».
– The first time I came to the competition «Exercise» in 2015 with the collection «Project «Fashionable children», in which I demonstrated bright, stylish, modern, trendy clothes for teenagers of the new generations in the nomination "youth clothing" and was awarded by the jury with a diploma of the first degree.
Inspiring atmosphere, emotions, communication with other designers and experts brought me back to the podium again and again «Exercise». In 2016, I presented a modern youth collection "Aviva" in the colors of burnt sand and ivory, for which I received a diploma of the third degree. The collection featured: shapeless oversize shirts, cropped trousers, exaggeratedly enlarged racks and cuffs, and unusual accessories.
In 2017, I brought a modern youth collection "Our time has come!"made of natural cotton fabrics and knitwear, denim. It was nice when the jury members noted the creativity of the collection for teenagers and young people at the briefing. In addition, I received amazing gifts from the partners of the contest: an internship with the leading designer of the Ecapsule brand Vladimir Zubets and fabrics for the next collection from the company StenCom.
– What fabrics did you choose at StenCom and how did you build relationships with this company? 
– After seeing a large number of materials of an amazing color palette, a variety of textures and high quality, I was at first even at a loss what to choose. Competent managers of the company StenCom came to the rescue, who, knowing my style of collections, professionally, carefully and quickly suggested what to pay attention to. The joint discussion led to the idea to make a remake of the 2015 collection, which resulted in a collection for a new generation of teenagers "The project "Fashionable Kids-2" made of lacquered artificial leather of juicy colors, not inferior to natural in functional features and external data. And most importantly, breathable, because the collection is designed for teenagers. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the employees of the company StenCom and I will be happy to continue cooperation with them.
– As far as we know, you have already won the first victory with this collection. Where?
 I presented the collection «Project«Fashion Kids-2» at the main fashion event of the Kola Arctic – festival «Fashion-2018», where she was awarded the Grand Prix and received a ticket to represent this region at the competition "Exercise-2018" in Moscow.  
–What has changed in your creative life after participating in the contests «Exercise »?
 Thanks to the project «Exercise», which combines concepts such as fashion, art, style, the pursuit of individuality and a new philosophy, energizes and inspires me to move forward, I believed in my strength and created my own trademark FRANCEVA22. The next stage will be the creation of a fashion house.
We remind you that the 40th anniversary International Competition of Young Designers «Exercise» will be held on September 18, 2018 as part of the 51st Federal Fair «Tekstillegprom» in Moscow at VDNH.
Photos are presented by designer Yana Kovaleva and official photographer Natalia Bukhonina