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25.04.2017 | Степан Максимов

X open competition of young designers "Sochi Style"

On April 22, Sochi hosted the X open competition of young fashion designers "Sochi Style" (Sochi Style), which was organized and held by Sochi Institute of Fashion, Business and Law and model agency Ivanova First Model with the support of National Academy of Fashion Industry.


Over the 10 years of its existence, the competition has significantly expanded its geography: participants come to Sochi from all over Russia for awards. To date, the Sochi Style competition is a qualifying platform for the largest Russian and international projects, as the winners of the competition get the opportunity to become nominees for the National Industry Award Golden Spindle in the nomination "Debut", as well as participate in the International competition of young designers "Russian silhouette".



On April 22, 25 competitive collections were presented to the jury under the chairmanship of Yulia Ivanova, a member of the Union of Designers of Russia , 9 of which belonged to the authorship of Sochi. Collections of young designers competed in three categories: Casual, "Creative" and "Ethnostil". The event aroused great interest in the city - the art space of TSUMI, where the competition was held, barely accommodated everyone.



A distinctive feature of the competition is open voting: the jury's estimates are announced immediately after the collection is shown. This format is interesting for both participants and professionals, as well as for the audience. Moreover, the jury members were not always in solidarity in evaluating the collections and sometimes even argued with each other. As a result, the Grand Prix of the competition did not go to any participant - no collection scored the maximum score of the jury by the total number of points.



The winner of the first place in the Casual nomination was a group of designers from Moscow «Team C13» with the collection "Tokyo Chronicles". The team has been working on creating commercial collections for the mass market for a long time, and also creates author collections for shows at competitions.


The first place in the nomination "Creative" went to Inna Abdullayeva from the city of Pyatigorsk with the collection "My grandmother whitewashes the walls". It was this collection that won the audience award and was unanimously highly appreciated by the jury members. On the items of clothing made of light fabrics in a light color scheme, you could see unusual decorative spots, as if obtained in the process of repair. The shoes and accessories of the collection are decorated with live grass.



The first place in the nomination "Ethnostil" was awarded to the collection of "Mayralla" Madina Vagapova from the village of Martan-Chu, Chechen Republic. This young girl impressed the audience and the jury members not only with sincere tears on the podium when announcing the high scores of the jury. According to the chairman, Yulia Ivanova, the girl managed to reflect through the collection presented on the podium, which was based on the national costume, the cultural traditions of Islam as something beautiful, understandable, rethought by a designer's eye.


The right to participate in the International Competition of young designers "Russian silhouette" under the patronage of Tatiana Mikhalkova was given Inna Efimenko with the Natron collection.



Designers were able to talk about the disadvantages of all presented collections, ways to improve them and fashion trends on April 23 at the Sochi Institute of Fashion, Business and Law with Yulia Ivanova at a master class organized for them. Once again, commenting in detail on the presented images, the chairman of the jury drew the attention of young designers to the fact that the costume, like the text, is a system of signs, carries information and meanings that become very clear and understandable to other people when they are used deliberately. Choosing such a complex and interesting field of activity as a designer, a person needs to be guided by the specifics of costume design, have not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge and experience in order to really successfully fit his creative idea into the general socio-cultural context of life.