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15.02.2018 | Степан Максимов

The prospects of the fashion industry were discussed in Krasnodar

On January 25, 2018, a round table "Factors of development of the fashion industry in 2018" for market professionals was held in Krasnodar, organized byRMA Legenda Media.

The event was attended by media representatives, bloggers, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, boutique owners and other industry professionals.

Within the framework of the round table, for the first time, an online broadcast of the speeches of experts from Germany, Moscow, Ufa and other cities took place.

At the meeting, issues related to the development of the industry were discussed, experts told about their experience of interacting with different companies and gave examples of creating and promoting brands, shared their plans for 2018.


The event was opened by the director of RMA Legenda Media Anna Legend. She introduced the experts and partners of the event, and also shared brief information about the difficulty of finding future participants of the round table who are ready to share different aspects of their work.


Stylist Andrey Bolshov noted that now most new designers come to the fashion business to be realized in creativity, but few people understand how to make money. To increase sales, Andrey advised using more than ten standard words (stylish, cool, fashionable, elegant, etc.). It is necessary to use a brighter palette of the Russian language to describe the unique brand code.



Fashion designer Olga Zelenina spoke about the difficulties of her colleagues' business formation: "Our higher educational institutions do not teach everything necessary for a successful start: it is completely unclear which tax system to choose, how to organize accounting, how to conclude contracts with suppliers and customers, how to hire employees. Naturally, to find partners and investors, you have to create a business plan yourself, there is a huge amount of information on this topic on the Internet, and this is frightening: how to figure it all out?»


Moderator Ilya Grednev summed up the discussion: "Today we are witnessing a classic representation of an immature market, when each participant tries to hide information and does not answer direct questions. The task of professionals is to talk openly about costs, sales, factors influencing success.The fasion market is at the very beginning of its journey in comparison with other, for example, automotive, construction, tourism markets, where consumers and business representatives have been operating with specific figures for a long time, which are the subject of discussion. We all need to increase the value of our goods and services by reducing the cost of production - this is the only way to earn a stable profit!»