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11.12.2018 | Альбина Весина

The first Swarovski store in Moscow

The Austrian brand Swarovski has finally opened its first official representative office in Moscow. The company Swarovski has been represented in Russian multi-brand stores for many years, and on the eve of 2019 opened its first branded store in Moscow.




The new space is decorated in accordance with the philosophy of the brand – a lot of light and shine of crystals. Due to the use of special illumination, the light is refracted and jewelry with crystals shimmer, showing all its beauty.




The boutique has large-format digital screens where you can see how jewelry will be combined with different images: long chains with pendants and delicate bracelets with a daytime outfit, large necklaces and cocktail rings with an evening one.



The boutique is already selling the latest Crystal Tales collection and a New Year's line. Both are inspired by the world of fairy tales, enchanted forest and mysterious magical characters. The crystals are colored in shades of precious stones and gold, rich dark blue, sapphire, burgundy and emerald tones.



The Louison line has been replenished with new decorations that seem to be covered with winter frost, in Magnetic you can find new items with insect figures, and in the March line there are small fox, owl and squirrel.




Photo and video: Swarovski