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28.08.2018 | Альбина Весина

The exhibition "Intertkan-2018. Autumn"

On August 27, the grand opening of the V International Exhibition Intertkan-2018 took place in Pavilion 3 of the Moscow Expocenter. Autumn», organized by Soyuzlegprom with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.


The exhibition will last until August 30. On an area of over 5 thousand square meters . m will present a wide range of fabrics, accessories and textile materials from 200 companies from 22 countries of the world.



In just three years of holding the exhibition «Intertkan» has established itself not only as the most authoritative and widely known exposition of fabrics and accessories in Russia, but also as a highly professional b2b and forum platform.


As part of an extensive four-day Business program, industry participants and government representatives will discuss the current situation in the light industry and related industries. According to the participants of the exhibition, the authority of "" is growingIntertkani» and internationally. The significance of the exhibition is confirmed by the fact that every year the number of its participants is expanding - enterprises and companies of Russia, CIS and far abroad. Plus, the number of prisoners in the course of « is constantly growingIntertkani» contracts and partnership agreements.



These and other significant factors of the exhibition were emphasized during its grand opening by the Director of the Department of Consumer Market, Light Industry and Timber Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Evgeny Ryzhov, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Elena Dybova, Executive Vice President of the RSPP Viktor Skerepov, CEO of Solstudio Textile Group and accessories brand Radical Chic Alexandra Kaloshina,President of Soyuzlegprom Andrey Razbrodin.



According to Evgeny Ryzhov, the exhibition has become one of the most significant events of the industry, and indeed of the entire industry of Russia. This forum is increasingly in demand by foreign business, expert communities of the Russian Federation and abroad. There is every reason to believe that the expositions of the exhibition and the recommendations of expert discussions will be implemented in the development programs of the industry and its cooperation with foreign partners.


Elena Dybova expressed similar assessments, adding that the expositions "Intertkani" show the broad opportunities of the Russian light industry and the country as a whole in the field of import substitution. The Vice-President of the CCI of the Russian Federation and Alexandra Kaloshina stressed that holding forums of this scale would be impossible without the active role of Soyuzlegprom in raising the prestige of the textile and light industry of Russia. And, accordingly, in solving a considerable number of intra- and intersectoral problems.


At the same time, Alexandra Kaloshina drew attention to the importance of this exhibition also in the field of fashion, design and promotion of Russian brands that are most in demand in the domestic market and, moreover, developing the development of foreign markets.



Viktor Cherepov stated that "Intertank" is, in fact, a holiday for the entire textile industry of Russia, and also a barometer of trends in the domestic light industry, the community of which actively cooperates with the RSPP on counter courses.



Andrey Razbrodin in his closing speech noted the strategic importance of the exhibition in the development of closer cooperation between the state, business and the expert community. What is especially important in the increasingly complicated domestic and foreign economic conditions, and this, in turn, requires, according to the President of Soyuzlegprom, optimal competent solutions to operational and long-term problems, both existing industry and intersectoral problems, and new ones arising as a result of financial and economic factors. Only with this approach, competent responses to new challenges for the light industry and related industries are possible.


Photos provided by the organizers.