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27.03.2019 | Альбина Весина

Season 2020 according to Solstudio Textile Design

On March 20, the founder of the design studio Solstudio Textile Design Alexandra Kaloshina presented a study on the main demands of the consumer market in the framework of the business program "Russian Textile and Light Industry Week-2019" in the field of textile design in the 2020 season.Consumer preferences in the current season are multiplying due to the increasing market interest in various color schemes, even at first glance difficult to combine. Moreover, from the consumer's point of view, it is also possible to combine fading and super-maximum brightness in the image of the same pattern on a fabric or finished product.


Season 2020 according to Solstudio Textile Design


Alexandra very figuratively and at the same time accurately determined the main color solutions of the current season, based on the trends in demand for light industry products. This is a color explosion, sometimes even incomparable in color combinations. And in general, consumers are characterized by an increasing predilection for such an image form as a flower. Hence the bionics in design, that is, fantasies on the theme of flowers, which do not exist in nature. This season, a mechanistic, composite or artfully cut flower is relevant.


In addition, the head of Solstudio notes the still high demand for classical styles, which remain among the main trends of the last three seasons. In addition to these styles, a photographic landscape is also required.

"This is a very complex and actively developing topic in design solutions. Here we need to find a solution that would not look complicated and at the same time would reflect the feeling of landscape. In fact, a sense of harmony of use and combination of elements taken from the landscape. The criterion of maximum efficiency in this segment is high-quality digital refraction.

Alexandra Kaloshina

Season 2020 according to Solstudio Textile Design


In addition, the expert specified a number of the most relevant segments in modern textile design. An important addition is vintage flora. For example, a new face in the world of fashion, Richard Quinn, in his works refers to a vintage flower, was able to find an updated drawing for this topic and set a whole direction, thanks to which vintage flora became one of the main trends of the season. The geometry is very soft in color this season. There has not been such a seasonal reading of geometry for a long time. Another direction is citrus fruits, their relevance is noted by many profile analysts. In general, the season is different in that it depicts a very active action, something is constantly happening. It's not static. Motion is captured and displayed in the drawing on the fabric. The "tropics" print has turned into "retro postcards" this season, similar to those that poison from Tahiti or Bali. Animal prints have also changed. An exotic direction is popular here, for example, a print that is included in the top directions, based on Dalmatian spots.


Solstudio Textile Design sells drawings and design solutions to 30 countries. According to Alexandra Kaloshina, the studio relies on two main forecasting systems of the largest analytical agency WGSN and one of the world's main regulatorsPremiere Vision. This season opened triumphantly for the studio: the WGSN agency included a record five Solstudio Textile Design designs in the review of the main trends of the spring-summer 2020 season (in total, the registry contains drawings from 20 studios from around the world), and the Première Vision experts selected five studio drawings for the stands of current trends, three of them were published in the official catalog of the exhibition. Moreover, they have also become an illustration of the seven main world trends of the next spring-summer 2020 season.


Source: Soyuzlegprom