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12.09.2018 | Альбина Весина

Smartex: ideological advance, technological lag

On September 26–28, Ivanovo State Polytechnic University, with the support of Soyuzlegprom, Rosmolodezh and the company "Thermopol", will host the "strong" International Scientific and Practical Forum Smartex for young scientists, researchers and representatives of textile and clothing companies. Smartex is a project for the development of technical textiles in the Russian Federation.



In the doctrine of the forum «Cadres solve everything» it says: «…at the moment innovation is not enough – forcing is required! And we offer the industry, the scientific and educational community, experts, manufacturers intensive innovation. We need your discoveries and implementations! Fresh ideas and their justifications are needed! We need young and talented creators of new materials and technologies. And we are open for cooperation."



The main problem of the industry, according to the company "Thermopol", is ideological advance plus technological lag, the inability to implement breakthrough ideas, inertia in decision-making, inefficient communication of science, business and production.



The project of the plant «Thermopol» Holofiber® takes part in the scientific session and the II All-Russian seminar-meeting devoted to the discussion of scientific, technological and personnel support of the industry. Employees of the plant also participate in the All-Russian competition "Legpromnauka" and the blitz intensive School of Young Scientists, organized on the initiative of the President of Soyuzlegprom Andrey Razbrodin. The authors of the best scientific papers will receive recommendations to employers from practitioners and leading scientists from the composition of the competition commission of the competition, proposals for internships at leading industry enterprises and scientific organizations.



In the Smartex scientific collection "Thermopol" will publish for the first time the results of two studies: "Innovative methods for creating thermal insulation self-regulating fiber systems in "smart clothing" and"Promising approaches to improving the thermal insulation properties of clothing: "next steps", technologies, innovations". The Thermopol project not only supports research and educational initiatives, but is also actively involved in the scientific and educational process. On the materials of the company (tests, research, tests, experiments, etc.), student, bachelor's, master's, candidate's and doctoral works are conducted and defended; patents are registered, implementations into serial products are carried out. Separately, it should be noted that specialized thematic publications devoted to various aspects of technical textiles are produced. With the participation of the project, scientists, teachers and employees of the company have formed a thematic library and an archive of publications, which becomes the basis of the "next steps" for science, business and industry of the country.



Largely thanks to the support and active participation of the scientific community, joint and independent research, discussion platforms (such as Smartex, "Legpromforum", Technicaltextile, etc.) today, narrow technological topics are not so much proposed as already submitted for discussion of implementations. And this is a huge breakthrough for the domestic industry, which "stalled" and "slowed down" (the late 90s and early 2000s), technical textiles were poorly understood or even rejected in the prospect of widespread use. Today the situation has changed. This was facilitated, of course, by the objective reasons for the shortage of natural raw materials, the restructuring of the country's industry. The innovative ideology gained many followers, international experience and some breakthrough initiatives of domestic industrialists began to be actively taken into account.


The most serious question: let's think right now, what are the next steps awaiting our and the global industry in the field of technical textiles, taking into account the experience gained and scientific and production communication? And if the raw material factor of the Russian Federation is considered a priori as predominant here, then the personnel factor, which invariably rests on the effectiveness of improving the educational and research activities of specialists, raises many questions.

"Thermal floor"

Photo: "Thermopol"