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29.12.2018 | Альбина Весина

Russian light industry discussed in Ivanovo

On November 30, as part of the V All-Russian Forum of Light Industry, a plenary session on the topic "" was held in IvanovoCompetitiveness of the Russian light industry". The participants of the meeting summed up the results and announced the prospects and further plans for the development of the industry. One of the priority areas remains the export of light industry goods.


plenary session on the topic


The key event of the anniversary Forum was attended by:Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian FederationViktor Yevtukhov,President of the Union of Textile and Light Industry EntrepreneursAndrey Razbrodin, Governor of the Ivanovo regionStanislav Voskresensky, Executive Vice President and Partner of PEMANDU AssociatesChristopher Tan Datuk, Purchasing Director of STM «AUCHAN Russia» Nadezhda Paderina, President of the International Buyers Association, fashion Director of MILO GROUP, Creative Director of NOB AGENCYGeorgy Rostovshchikov, Acting Director of the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of SPbPUSergey Salkutsan.


Denis Fomin, ideologist of the platform

"According to the results of the first nine months of 2018, exports of light industry products amounted to $ 1.1 billion. At the end of the year, we expect that exports will amount to $1.4 billion, which in percentage terms represents an increase in exports by 7.7% compared to 2017.We need not only to keep this bar, but also to start actively going abroad, developing and promoting Russian brands, forming consumer demand for Russian goods as high-quality, affordable, fashionable and safe. Industry representatives need to understand what trends they should focus on in order to achieve significant results in the foreign market, and how to maintain and increase their presence in the domestic market. Entering and strengthening positions in the foreign market are paramount tasks for industry participants. This is due to the instruction of President Vladimir Putin to increase the volume of exports of light industry products by almost 2 times by 2024, that is, up to $2.3 billion," saidViktor Yevtukhov.


Viktor Yevtukhov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation


According to him, in 2018, many projects and activities focused on the formation of the competitiveness of the domestic light industry were implemented: innovative and high-quality materials for the automotive industry and aviation were developed, existing production facilities were modernized and new ones were opened, roadmaps were developed within the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, business missions were conducted to the world's leading production facilities, cooperation agreements with the Republic of Uzbekistan and the European Institute of Design, collective stands have been organized at major industry exhibitions.


plenary session on the topic

"Over the past few years, the Russian light industry has managed to achieve positive growth dynamics thanks to the launch of enterprises using innovative developments. The transition to digital printing and digitalization allow such enterprises to change their business model and move away from the unprofitable model of "production-in-warehouse" to production directly on the store shelf, thereby reducing costs. Digital production requires high investments, but their return is provided quickly and repeatedly: the business becomes flexible – small volumes of manufactured products allow you to quickly meet current market requirements and accelerate the turnover of funds. An equally important aspect of the transition to digital printing of textile products is the environmental friendliness of production, commented Nikolay Dmitriev, head of the Russian division of the Japanese company Konica Minolta.


plenary session on the topic

In addition, the results of the "strong"III Industry Professional Competition "TOP-10" were summed up at the plenary session. In 2018, the competition was held according to product groups «Spring-autumn outerwear » and «Spring-autumn shoes ». All products submitted for participation in the competition are manufactured in Russia. The winners were: brand «Lanika» (nomination «Women's coat»), trademarks STAYER (nomination«Women's half-coat»), SHISHKIN (nominations «Men's coat » and «Men's half-coat »), «Unichel» (nomination «Women's shoes»), «Orthomode»(nomination «Women's boots»), S-TEP (nomination «Men's shoes»), «FARADAY» (nomination «Men's boots »).


Viktor Yevtukhov, Ministry of Industry and Trade, presents the award to designer Dmitry Shishkin

Photos provided by the organizers